Eddie Kingston Angry After AEW World Title Match, Says He Never Gave Up

AEW star Eddie Kingston took to Twitter following last night's episode of Dynamite on TNT, where Kingston came up short in his world title matchup against champion Jon Moxley in the main event. The Purveyor of Violence trapped Kingston in a modified sleeper hold and referee Bryce Remsburg called for the bell after Kingston lost consciousness.

Kingston writes, "I never gave up," with Remsburg responding, "I’ve known you long enough to know I had to save you from yourself. Thanks to me, you’ll get to wrestle again."

The Mad King fires back with, "But not as Worlds Champion! I rather die in the ring then lose the Worlds Championship! I get you are doing your job but come on Bryce. Please let me die in there."

The Kingston vs. Moxley matchup was a last minute adjustment after company star Lance Archer announced he tested positive for COVID-19.