Eddie Kingston Cut An Epic Promo After AEW Dynamite Went Off The Air, Tony Khan Says He'll Release Footage

This week's edition of AEW Dynamite on TNT closed with Eddie Kingston choking out world champion Jon Moxley and declaring himself the next challenger for the Purveyor of Violence's epic title reign. After the show Kingston would continue talking trash at Moxley, as well as commentator Excalibur, with all the footage being picked up by a fan in attendance.

Excalibur, you want to talk bad about me again? I’ll rip your tongue out of your face. This is what you want huh? Big bad Jon Moxley. Ladies and gentlemen boo me all you want but this son of a b*tch sold out. He said to me the day he signed that contract to go to the land of the sports entertainers, you low life, you told me that the inmates were going to run the asylum. You son of a b**ch, you’re going to pay for leaving me behind.

A different fan would later comment on the video and tag president Tony Khan asking for better quality footage to be released. Khan would answer with, "Of course. While I hugely value the socially distanced fans wearing protective masks who attend our shows, cheer from their seating pods & add so much to the show & inspire the wrestlers in their matches, bless you all, I also assure you that promo wasn’t only for the live house."

Check it out below.

(H/T and transcribed by Sescoops)