Elias Talks About His Character, Pitching it to Vince McMahon & more

-- Elias recently spoke to The Complex about finding his calling in WWE, struggling as The Drifter in NXT, meeting Vince McMahon, while also speaking on some of his fellow wrestlers. Here are some highlights:

On meeting Vince McMahon and singing for him

“[Management] said, ‘Vince [McMahon] wants you to do the song for him. I sat down in Vince’s office and said, ‘Hey, they told me to come do my song for you, so Vince, if you could just silence your cell phone, hold your applause, and shut your mouth, I’d like to do that right now.’"

“After I sang my little song, he just kind of gave me a head nod and said, ‘Oh, this is gonna be good.’”

His opinion of The Shield

“The whole world thinks The Shield is the greatest group of all time. I’m so sick of [them]. Roman and Dean and Seth put their fists together and the crowd goes crazy. Come up with something new already. They’re doing the same thing they did, what, five years ago? And I’ll tell you what, not one of them is cool to me. They’ve just been shoving it down our throats for way too long and trying to make us believe it was more than it ever was.”

On Triple H

"Now that it’s clear to the world that what this place needs is what I am, it feels like Triple H is afraid of that. He’s not ready for me to be the main guy, or he’s not ready for me to take over that spot. There’s a fear that I sense about him, and a reluctance to accept me…I don’t want to say he’s doing his best to keep his thumb on me, but while it feels like a lot of people want the best for me, it doesn’t feel like Triple H does.”

On Brock Lesnar

“In the ring, he’s a total animal. If you’re gonna get in there with him, prepare to get beat up. You’re not walking away the same person. But company-wise and professionally, I hope he [goes away]. Monday Night Raw should have a champion. All the live events should have a champion. It’s not right for the fans. It’s not right for business. I don’t think business is any better when Brock Lesnar is around.”​

-- He also talks about The Rock and has nice things to say about Roman Reigns, The Miz and Ronda Rousey. To check out the story in his entirety, click here.