Eric Bischoff Talks About the Road Warriors in WCW, Tony Schiavone & more

Recap by: Chris Siggia,
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Eric Bischoff talked about drawing the biggest gate in WCW up to that time, on 06/07/96 in Buffalo, NY. "We were able to broaden our footprint and start going into markets up until that point, we would struggle at best. Oftentimes, they were so expensive to go into, that it didn't make financial sense. Now, we are no longer that Southeastern Wrestling company. We are going to be able to go into bigger markets that have more money in them. In the years earlier, we probably wouldn't be able to leverage any success into getting into the right buildings at the right time. We were blocked because of our lack of branding. We were also blocked because WWE had most of the good buildings locked up. You couldn't book the building if you wanted to because they had the month before and month after the previous event, so they kept us locked out of most key markets. Once we became hot, and the television property became successful, it became harder for WWF to block us out of those buildings. A lot of the building managers previously would say they were booked up or had previous commitments were now saying, they think they could make that work."

Does Eric Bischoff feel the Road Warriors were valuable in 1996: "Business wise, they were stuck in a different mentality. I wasn't surprised but I was disappointed they drew a line in the sand. Not in terms of losing them as talent. I don't mean to diminish their value when I say that. They just were not that important to the direction we were going in at that time. So, to draw a line in the sand, it was the worst possible time to do that. We didn't know how big a lightning bolt we had, but we knew we had something and we were excited about it. I don't think they would have had good matches against Hall and Nash. The Road Warriors in 1996 were not the same as 1992, three and four."

Eric Bischoff talking about his announce team: "Tony (Schiavone) is the most consistently great announcer. He's never going to get the accolades of being the best play by play announcer in the world, but nobody has been consistently as good as Tony Schiavone as long as he has been in a variety of different situations. I put Mike Tenay over as a color commentator, not as a play by play person, but as a color commentator quite regularly."

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