Eric Young Recalls Being Released By WWE One Year Ago, Talks Tonight's Impact On AXS

IMPACT star Eric Young took to his Twitter this morning to hype tonight's IMPACT on AXS program, where the former world champion takes on Eddie Edwards in singles-action. Young calls it a bittersweet night as it will mark the one-year anniversary from when he was released by WWE, then goes on to promises fans that it is one of the best bouts he's ever had before thanking Edwards for being such a great opponent.

Young also adds that he worked the match, which is the main event of tonight's show, with a full torn ACL.

Tonight is a bittersweet night for me! Tonight I wrestle in the main event of the go-home show for the PPV this coming weekend. I have the honor of wrestling Eddie Edwards! Eddie is a guy I have always respected and enjoyed sharing the ring with. IMO Eddie is one of the best, most versatile in-ring performers I have ever had the chance to work with. They call him the heartbeat of IMPACT Wrestling and that is not a gimmick. Him and a bunch of others kept the flame of this company burning during some dark times. In short, Eddie is the man and one of my all-time favorite opponents and that's a long long list! Another interesting thing about this match is that it is almost a year to the day of me being released from my former place of employment. This Thursday, I stand in the ring in the main event and put on a match that is as good or better then any match that will air for any company anywhere in the world! A bold statement for sure, but it is the truth! No slight on any show, any product, any main event, and certainly no slight on any performers. I hope my brothers and sisters who were just let go from their positions in other company's see this and know there is a whole beautiful and ultra rewarding world outside of that place! My last bit is a personal point of pride for me, I wrestled this match with a fully torn ACL! I did not know at the time how serious my injury was, in fact, no one did. I love this business, I love pro wrestling, and after over 23 years, the fire still burns. I am just as good or better than anyone doing it today! A little over a year ago I couldn't get booked on a show with my former employer to save my life. Fast forward to this Thursday I will have a 5-star main event match for a blossoming company! Proving I am very very good at what I do and I did it ON ONE FN leg!


Tonight's IMPACT is the go-home edition ahead of Sunday's Rebellion pay per view. Check out Young's full comments below.