Eric Young Talks Impact's Current Product, How They've Grown During The Pandemic

IMPACT star and former world champion Eric Young was a recent guest on Nashville Sports Radio to discuss a number of different topics, most notably how proud Young is of the current IMPACT product and how he feels they might be the only wrestling company moving forward. Highlights are below.

Says he feels like IMPACT is the only wrestling company moving forward:

It feels like it’s not tradition, but that is where I feel IMPACT has had a lot of its very good success. You know obviously, there’s a hole on Thursdays where we won’t be running directly against another wrestling show and that’s the right decision. The people in management at IMPACT have done an unbelievable job, you’ve [radio host] been around. This is a company that’s grown by leaps and bounds during a global pandemic and… you don’t like it and you don’t understand what IMPACT’s doing, that’s fine but you have to at least respect the fact that it might be the only wrestling company that’s moving forward. It is on the smaller scale and for sure, it is the smaller fish in the big pond but the truth is they’re swimming in circles and we’re swimming forward and I believe that with my heart.

How he's super proud to be apart of their current product:

It’s really cool to be part of something that was established by me and by James [Storm] and thousands of other men and women and put on the map and now it’s growing again, back into a prominent thing. I think pound for pound, if you’re a wrestling fan, this is the best professional wrestling show on television right now. It’s not the best television show, it may not be the best sports-entertainment show but if you’re a pro wrestling fan and you’re not watching IMPACT, then you’re missing on the best pro wrestling show written by professional wrestlers for professional wrestling fans so it’s, to me, there’s no doubt in my mind and I’m proud to be part of it.

(H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)