Ethan Page Discusses Potential Free Agency, His Success In Impact, How The North Is The Best Tag Team Ever

IMPACT star and former longest reigning tag team champion Ethan Page was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated to talk all things pro-wrestling. Highlights can be found below.

Calls The North the best tag team in the world:

We’ve got a list of tag teams in Impact Wrestling that can say their best matches are with the North, and we look forward to adding another team to that list with Ace and Madman,” Page says. “We’re the best tag team in the world, and we don’t mind giving someone their career highlight.

Says he's now at the next level of performance:

Someone tweeted me recently and said, Ethan Page finally looks like the way he’s always thought about himself,” Page says. “It made me laugh, but that’s totally true. I’ve always thought of myself as a top-level talent. I’ve always carried myself as a top-level talent. There was one hole in my game, so I made sure to eliminate that. Now I truly believe I’m on another level and one of the best professional wrestlers in the world when it comes to every aspect of the game.

IMPACT giving him a chance and is growing in status:

If someone is willing to put my name on a contract and lock me down for a certain amount of it, I am going to represent as positively as I can,” Page says. “Impact started promoting my vlog, and people watching got a glimpse of that locker room camaraderie. It’s more of a family environment backstage now more than ever, especially with the new additions. The perception of the company is changing slowly, and if you want to give me a little credit for that, I’ll take it. My goal has been to make Impact a destination and a cool place to perform. And because I know the length of my contract, I want this place to be looked at as somewhere cool, because it’s where I am.

On his pending free agency:

Impact has been amazing. They’re allowing me the opportunity to chat with other companies, and they’re handling this in an extremely professional manner. I’m open to chatting with other people, but my interest is hearing how Impact values me and what they’re willing to offer.

On his relationship with Josh Alexander:

I want all the attention, and Josh wants all the action,” Page says. “If Josh Alexander is on a wrestling card, there is never a night where he is not trying to have the best match. If you’re paying him to lace his boots, you’re paying him to steal the show. When it comes to performing, that is his addiction. He is a very physical performer, and he is such an addict to detail and to the very small nuances of pro wrestling. He loves pro wrestling, he’s a world class athlete, and people are finally recognizing that.