Fandango On Why He Thinks Karrion Kross Lost His WWE Monday Night RAW Debut

Former WWE Star Fandango recently made an appearance on the Such Good Shoot podcast to talk about the promos that where cut during the rain delay of WrestleMania 37 Night One.

Fandango said:

“They weren’t walking around in the back with a piece of paper in their hands trying to remember their s--t because they’re worried about getting yelled at when they got to the back.” “Like if you ever listen to Steve (Austin) talk, he couldn’t remember all those lines, but he knew where he had to go. And he knew what bullet points he needed to hit. When we did Fashion Files, Breeze and I were like ‘I can’t remember s--t.’ Like, I can’t remember us talking about doing this promo, I forgot about it. We eventually got enough leeway and trust with these those Fashion Files we were doing that they were just kind of like ‘where do we need to go? What do we need to hit?’ And then the rest you kind of fill in and like, I think it’s like what Steve Austin talks about it. I’m not like I’m comparing myself to Steve Austin. But some guys are better when they can.”

Fandango then spoke about why he thinks NXT Champion Karrion Kross lost his WWE RAW debut against WWE legend Jeff Hardy.

Fandango said:

“He (Mark Henry) actually told me, he goes, ‘don’t worry about it, man. It’s just a test you know?'”“And like, look at Raw last night, they’re probably just testing Kross because they want him to be a big star. And they want to see how he plays ball. You know?”

You can check out Fandango's comments in the video below: