Fatal Four-Way Match Winner To Take On Roman Reigns For Universal Championship

During the September 4, 2020 edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, a Fatal Four-Way Match was announced for the number one contender spot to compete for the Universal Championship at WWE Clash of Champions.

To start the show, current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns along with his "special counsel", Paul Heyman (Heyman's choice of title) made their way to the ring to clear up a few things for the WWE Universe. One such topic discussed was the Fatal Four-Way Match that would be held later in the show to crown the #1 contender that would compete against Roman Reigns at the WWE: Clash of Champions pay-per-view later this month.

Heyman continued that it was not his place to announce the contenders who would be squaring off inside the ring, he'd leave that to "Anderson Cooper and Carmella's latest boyfriend over there" as he pointed to Michael Cole and Corey Graves at the Announcer's Table at ringside.

The original announcement was made that the four contenders would be: King Corbin vs. Matt Riddle vs. Sheamus vs. Big E for the #1 Contender Spot in the Universal Championship match. That was until Sheamus used a sneak attack on an unsuspecting Big E who was looking to wish a "Happy Birthday" to Xavier Woods. Sheamus then took out Big E with White Noise in the parking lot of the Amway Theatre on top of a car, landing E into the windshield.

With Big E's kayfabe "trip to the nearest hospital for further medical attention" as a result of Sheamus' brutal sneak attack earlier in the evening, WWE Officials were now discussing potential stand-ins for the fourth spot in the match or deciding whether to turn the match into a Triple Threat Match.

Later in the evening it was then announced that the Fatal Four-Way Match was still on track, and the fourth competitor would be none other than The Big Dog's cousin, Jey Uso! Uso stopped by Reigns dressing area to than him for his pull in getting Uso the spot in the match. Reigns stated it was time to get respect as he wished him luck!

The Fatal Four-Way #1 Contender Match For The Universal Championship Match Against Roman Reigns At WWE Clash of Champions PPV kicked off as the Main Event for the September 4, 2020 WWE Friday Night SmackDown episode which took place between Matt Riddle vs. Jey Uso vs. King Corbin vs. King Corbin and late substitution, Jey Uso.

The control in the match was pretty much neck-in-neck, with each Superstar given their singles time to shine at a certain point in the match. Finally it came down to Corbin looks for End of Days on Riddle who lands on his feet when suddenly Sheamus returns to the ring with a Brogue Kick. Riddle responds with a Floating Bro thinking he has the match in the bag when suddenly... FROG SPLASH by Uso that connected on Riddle for the three count pin!

The winner of tonight's Fatal Four-Way Match and Moving On To Clash of Titans: Jey Uso! Uso will be competing for the Universal Championship against his own cousin, The Big Dog, Roman Reigns at the WWE: Clash of Champions pay-per-view later this month

Through gasping breaths in his after the match victory interview, Jey Uso stated, "Hey Big Dog... I made the family proud too! But guess what, Roman Reigns, IT'S LOCKDOWN... you know the rest!!"