First Ever Rajahmania Giveaway!

Welcome to the Innaugural Rajahmania Giveaway!

Let me tell you somethin', brother, the "Hulkster" is teaming up with the Powers That Be (Rajah himself) for our first ever, leg-dropping, big bootin', Rajahmania Giveaway! Because when you're with the Rajahmaniacs, brother, you're a Rajahmaniac for life! Too sweeeeeeeeeet!

The Loot:

What you could win is an original WWF Wrestling Stars Hulk Hogan collectible card autographed by the other Hulkster, Hulk Hogan himself! This is not a reproduction of his autograph, this is hand signed. To see the pictures of the card, click here!

How to Win:

Well, you know somethin' Mean Gene brother, it's simple! All the entries earned will go into a hat and one winner will be chosen at random during the Extreme Rules Live Results Coverage here on The chosen winner will be contacted for information as to where they want their loot sent, and we'll mail it out to you the following day.

How to Get Entries:

Each person can earn multiple entries. The more entry points you have, the more chances you have to win! And this is how you earn 'em:

FOLLOWS: earn up to 2 entry points!
- Follow Mike Hogan on Twitter = 1 entry point for every Twitter account you have that follows me. As a bonus, I'll follow you back! You MUST follow me so I can follow you back and see when you retweet (see below).
- Follow @Rajah_News on Twitter = 1 entry point

RETWEETS/LIKES: earn ginormous entry points!
- On Mondays, retweet the link on @Rajah_News about my Raw Live Results coverage = 1 entry point
- Retweet my tweet on @MikeHulkHogan about the coverage, usually posted around 7:30pm EST = 1 entry point
- Also, like the link you're retweeting = 1 entry point
- You can do this every Monday from June 22nd until the night of Extreme Rules
That's three entry points per week for less than a minute's worth of work on Mondays!

- On Fridays, retweet the link on @Rajah_News about my Friday Night Smackdown Live Results coverage= 1 entry point
- Retweet my tweet on @MikeHulkHogan about the coverage, usually posted around 7:30pm EST = 1 entry point
- Also, like the link you're retweeting = 1 entry point
- You can do this every Friday night from June 19th until the night of Extreme Rules
That's three entry points per week for less than a minute's worth of work on Fridays!

BONUS TWITTER ENTRIES: even more entry points!
- If you retweet my results coverage link posted by @Rajah_News or @MikeHulkHogan with a comment and say something nice (yes, I'm superficial) you'll get a bonus entry point for each RN and MHH's posts that you retweet with a nice comment on!
- For every retweet and like you get on your retweet of my results coverage, you'll get a bonus entry point! (Example: you retweet my Raw coverage and comment on it, that's two entry points. You end up having 7 friends like it, that's 7 more bonus points!)

LIVE RESULTS PARTICIPATION: Up to 4 entry points per week!
- If you show up and comment something substantial*, during the Raw and Smackdown Live Results Coverage, you'll get one entry per night!
- You must comment during the Live Results Coverage period which begins at 7:30pm EST when I post the initial Results page, and ends the following morning whenever I wake up (usually 11am EST) and check the comments section. So those of you at work or simply can't attend for whatever reason will have until roughly 11am EST to get your substantial* comment in! I don't want anyone to feel left out because they can't show during the broadcast, so you'll have til the following morning.
- At the end of the Live Results Coverage, I'll choose a "Comment of the Night" and that person will receive a bonus entry point!
- Show up and comment something substantial* during the Extreme Rules Live Results coverage = 1 entry point! Note: you will have the same window of commenting as Raw/Smackdown, meaning from when the page goes up half an hour before start of the event, until 11am EST!
* Substantial comment means commenting something relevant to the show's results, or that contributes positively to the ongoing discussions. Just posting shit like "hi" or "first" (yes, I'm looking at you, Mike Hogan) does not count. Your comment has to at least try to contribute to the discussion.

Privacy/Anonymity Concerns:

As a retired professional troll, and as a victim of a violent stalker encounter 20 years ago, I understand the importance of privacy and anonymity on the Interwebs. So if you are anti-Social Media or prefer anonymity, simply create a new Twitter account under your forum name here. As a huge advocate for privacy, I can understand that--and the prize can be shipped to anywhere within the US. It can be your home, your grandma's bridge partner's favorite nephew's house, whatever. Plus, you can follow other fellow Rajahmaniacs that I follow on Twitter! When you decide to follow RN and myself, slide into my DM's on Twitter or email me at so I can associate your Rajah comments/forum username with your Twitter username to ensure you get your entry points!

Shipping & International Entrants

I will ship to a destination of your location within the continental US. If you live in a US territory or outside of the continental US, this will not disqualify you--we will work something out, whether I send it to a US address of your choosing or ship it international (if affordable). Again, we'll figure it out! No one is excluded from entering! The Powers That Be will assist with this!

For Those Who Won't Use Twitter:

You do not have to utilize Twitter. You can earn entry points by simply commenting during my Raw/Smackdown Live Results Coverage as posted above. Twitter is just another way to earn a ton of bonus entries, but it isn't required.

Choosing of the Winner & Runner-Ups

The winner will be chosen during the live results coverage of Extreme Rules during the main event.. All entries will be put into a hat/digital hat, and a random person will be chosen as winner. Two other names will be drawn afterwards--in the event that the selected winner refuses the prize, or cannot be reached within 30 days for shipping information, the first runner up will be awarded the prize. The first runner up and second runner up will each receive 25 bonus entries in the next giveaway! There will be no bias in choosing a winner--it will be completely random. Love me, hate me, up vote me, down vote me, it doesn't matter and there are no favorites--fair is fair, and the winner will be chosen at random. The only persons excluded from entering are myself and The Powers That Be.

Legal Crap

Cheating will get you disqualified. Using bots will get you DQ'd. Feel free to make a bunch of fake Twitter accounts and participate on them--I don't give a rat's booty. But claiming someone else's posts/comments as your own is cheating. Shipping will be handled as above. This is a contest sponsored by Mike Hogan so Rajah is hereby indemnified against anything related to this contest, its entries, its prize or its winner. Just google "legal contest rules" and assume most of that crap applies.

So whatcha gonna do when Rajahmania runs wild on you?