First Ever Rajahmania Giveaway Winner!

First Ever Rajahmania Giveaway!

Oh, hey there, brother. It's your favorite Rajah reporter, Mike Hogan. What's a reader like you doing in a post like this? Oh, cool cool cool. What am I up to? Oh, not much. Just spent a couple of hours following Matt's excellent Horror Show/Extreme Rules results and watching the live PPV on the WWE Network.

And tallying entries for tonight's giveaway!

The response on social media, and here within the comments sections, has been incredible. Back on July 15th I upped the Loot to be TWO autographed, signed cards. And y'all have made me proud, with all the likes, retweets, comments, all of it--you've shown us you're hungry and it's time to feed the beast!

So enough bullshit, here's what you're looking for!

First Ever Rajahmania Giveaway Results (7/19/2020) -, Interwebs

Literally hundreds of social media tweets, retweets, likes, follows went head to head with over a thousand qualifying comments in the Disqus comments section, with some crossover in users. After a very lengthy process that I'm going to streamline for the next giveaway, we were finally left with a winner.

Your winner and NEW owner of autographed Ivan Koloff & Hulk Hogan cards is Steven Desai! Please email or DM @MikeHulkHogan on Twitter to claim your prize. You can see pictures right here!

Thank you all for participating!

I'll get with the Powers That Be and we will post the next Rajahmania Giveaway info ASAP! This is just the beginning and, the more you all hulk up for the event, the bigger and better the leg drop loot box will be!