FOCO Releases Sasha Banks Bobblehead

FOCO is releasing a brand new, limited edition Sasha Banks bobblehead.

The sports merchandise retailer announced that the bobblehead version of “The Boss” is currently available for pre-order, and will be shipped no later than September 21st.

Check out the full details from FOCO:

- Portrays Banks posing on top of the entrance ramp, ready to deliver a Banks Statement to the competition
- Backdrop with Banks logo display to let everyone know that The Legit Boss is in the building
- WWE logo on top of backdrop so you know it's legit
- THE LEGIT BOSS text display on backdrop that makes this bobble as exciting as a WrestleMania main event
- Thematic design on reverse side of backdrop for added awesome
- Metal textured top of base
- Front ramp name display so everyone knows who the champion of your collection is
- Handcrafted
- Hand painted