Forbes Article Reveals AEW Financials; Company Operating in the Red Due to Video Game Development

-- In a recent article by Forbes’ Hank Tucker on the rise of AEW, several noteworthy items related to the financial side of the promotion were released, including:

  • AEW’s contract with WarnerMedia to air Dynamite on Thursdays is worth $175 million over four years.
  • The initial funds to start up AEW was made by Tony Khan’s father - Shahid Khan - who contributed a reported $100 million as originally reported by sources
  • Shahid Khan didn’t think the investment was a good idea but told Tony that he is going to be leaving him and his sister a lot of money and suggested they “blow some of it while I’m alive?”
  • The Dynamite contract was extended in 2020 and lasts until the end of 2023.
  • Khan expects the wrestling division to be profitable this year, but invested “eight figures” into the video game development which is keeping the company in the red for now.

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