Former Football and MMA Star Greg Hardy Wants A Run With WWE or AEW

Former NFL and UFC star Greg Hardy recently appeared on Insight With Chris Van Vilet to promote his upcoming Bare Knuckle Boxing bout, as well as discuss a number of topics related to his career, which included Hardy revealing his love of pro-wrestling and how he would love to work for WWE or AEW. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Says if WWE or AEW hit him up he'll be ready to go:

“Somebody hit me up, AEW, WWE, hit me up. I’m down. I’ll get in the gym right now. I’ll show up with the Monday night muscles and jump off the side of the rope on anybody. I’ll come out with one of those Rey Mysterio type masks. I’m going to grab a design artist too. You have to have showmanship, or like Goldust, something crazy. It has to be entertainment level stuff."

How he's an old school wrestling fan:

"You can’t just come out with tights on and have a six-pack unless you’re Brock Lesnar or The Rock. I’m an old school fan. I would love to get in there. I’m waiting for the call. If you know somebody that is watching this right now, hit me up and let’s get to work.”

(H/T and transcribed by WrestlingNews.Co)