Former Lucha Underground Wrestler Sexy Star Recently Underwent Emergency Surgery recently reported, via, that former Lucha Underground Star Sexy Star (Dulce Garcia) underwent emergency surgery last Friday night in Guatemala due to an appendicitis. The former Lucha Underground Star was originally scheduled to appear on a Robles Promotions show, but due to her experiencing severe abdominal pain, she was taken to a local medical facility.

Word is that she has to remain in the hospital to recover from surgery and then wait a few more weeks before she can return to Mexico.

During her time in Lucha Underground, Dulce Garcia became a one-time Lucha Underground Champion and a one-time Lucha Underground Gift Of The Gods Champion. When she worked for AAA, Garcia became a three-time AAA Reina de Reinas Champion. Speaking of AAA, they recently rebooted the Sexy Star gimmick, but it is no longer being portrayed by Dulce Garcia, it is currently being portrayed by Hija de Gatubela.