Former WWE NXT Star Vanessa Borne Now Available To Accept Bookings

Several months ago, Vanessa Borne (real name: Danielle Kamella) was released from the WWE, along with Jessamyn Duke, Skyler Story, Ezra Judge, Alexander Wolfe and Kavita Devi. Prior to her release, Borne had been training with Tessa Blanchard and fellow former WWE wrestler Kalisto and she was even called up to the main roster, but was never used.

Borne took to her Twitter account and posted a video, where she announced that she's now available to accept bookings. Vanessa got the inspiration of how she delivered her announcement from the 2001 film Legally Blonde, when Reese Witherspoon's character, Elle Woods, applied to attend Harvard Law School.

You can check out Vanessa Borne's video below: