Former WWE Star On Toughness Of Today's Wrestlers After Seth Rollins Gets Attacked By A Fan

As previously reported, last night's episode of WWE RAW saw a fan make his way to the ramp and attack RAW Superstar Seth Rollins from behind shortly after Rollins ambushed Finn Balor before their planned one-on-one match as he was making his exit and while trainers were checking on Balor in the ring. The fan tackled Rollins, with Rollins and the referee both going down with the fan.

Security would then quickly make their way to where Seth Rollins was as did WWE Producer Michael “PS” Hayes. The camera then moved away from the fan attack, with RAW showing replays of the Seth Rollins – Finn Balor segment. Rollins would then laugh at Balor and talk some trash to the crowd before heading to the back and ending the segment.

Former WWE Star Chavo Guerrero Jr. took to Twitter and posted a fascinating and compelling statement, where he essentially noted that fans are tougher than today's wrestlers, but a number of fans replied to Chavo and even brought up the fact that The Visionary was able to defend himself well from the fan and put him into a headlock. WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley would take to his Twitter as well and react to the incident.

You can check out the tweets below: