Former WWE Star Wesley Blake Reveals New In-Ring Name

Former WWE Star Wesley Blake recently appeared on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, where he revealed his new in-ring name and said that it was inspired by his brother’s name and his own last name.

Wesley Blake said:

“I’m going by Westin Blake.” “When I was in NXT the first time, I pitched a bunch on names. I was always told it’s best if you can have a name that you can connect with. I have an older brother named Blake, so that was a big driving factor. Most of my life I have been called Weston, because that’s my last name. When I gave them the list of NXT names, Wesley Blake was the winner. They had 3 or 4 on there, I can’t remember them but they were not that good.”

Wesley Blake then talked about his career in the WWE and how he had nothing but great memories there.

Wesley Blake said:

“Looking back I have nothing but great memories there.” “I felt like I was able to evolve with NXT as well from when I started in 2013 to where it is now. Winning the NXT Tag Titles with Buddy Murphy was one of the highlights. Getting with Steve [Cutler] and pitching The Forgotten Sons, that was another proud moment where we gave them something as an idea and they ran with it. Meeting my wife there and getting to start a life with her. Getting to travel and wrestle in places that I never thought I would be able to travel to. I got to wrestle in Paris in a circus tent, little stuff like that. Of course all of the friendships you get to make.”

Wesley Blake then talked about how before they were called the Forgotten Sons they pitched a bunch of names, but it was all turned down.

Wesley Blake said:

“When we first pitched the name we wanted to use Prisoners of Society or Prisoners of the System.” “We wanted to be these 2 guys who felt like we did everything right in life, but nothing was given to us. So we were going to take it by any means necessary. We pitched that but they didn’t like the Prisoners of the System. They thought that the name would bring NXT in a bad light. We then started pitching other names and The Forgotten Sons is what stuck. We were happy that they liked it so well.”

You can check out Wesley Blake's comments in the video below: