Former WWE Superstar Layla On Retirement: "I Was Not Ready To Give It Up"

Former WWE Superstar Layla recently interviewed with WrestlingInc, where the former 2006 Diva Search discussed a number of topics.

During the conversation with the site, Layla reflected on the closing moments of her WWE career. Layla spoke about achieving veteran status in the locker room, and said:

“I think what it was when I look back now, I see myself. The last few years I was there. I just felt I looked old compared to the other girls. I was 10, 12 years older than most of the locker room then.”

Layla continued to talk about aging, and how she believes there is an “imbalance” in the way veterans are utilized in the ring. Layla mentioned:

“Men can age and be able to still be used the ring and still work. For the women not really. One of the only ones is Mickie James. She was there full-time. I’m not saying having a run, coming in, and leaving. I get that. I can see [imbalance] happening with most of the past divas who are older.”

Layla also mentioned that she had a hard time hanging up her boots, and why she just didn’t feel “ready to give it up". The final WWE Women’s Championship holder stated:

“You’re so used to the grind to keep going, not saying no. Keep pushing forward. I got caught up with it instead of saying,’ Hold up, take a step back. Let me think about this. I think it’s time for me to go.’ I just got used to wrestling all the time and fighting for my role. I was not ready to give it up.”

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(H/T and transcribed by 411Mania)