Former WWE Superstar Says Vince McMahon "Doesn’t Like Tag Team Wrestling"

During his recent chat with the It’s My Wrestling Podcast, Charlie Haas revealed the reason why WWE Chairman Vince McMahon isn't a fan of tag team wrestling. Charlie also discussed his former tag team partner, and current WWE Monday Night Raw Superstar, Shelton Benjamin. Check out the highlights below.

On Vince McMahon's opinion of tag team wrestling:

“Here’s what we were told towards the end when we split up. Vince doesn’t like tag team wrestling. He looks at it as an added expense, as paying for an extra guy on the road, extra guy in the hotel room. He really doesn’t like it and he changed a lot of it over the years. When you’re talking about 2002 with the tag teams, I think that was a great time. When I was a kid growing up in the 80s got to watch Arn and Tully, Rock n Roll Express, Midnight Express, The Fantastics, The Guerreros, The Dynamic Duo. Those tag teams meant something, you know? If I’m forgetting anyone, I’m sorry. The tag teams meant something I felt when we were there too, but that’s all passion. I love the Tag Team stuff you know, I was a fan of it before I became one.”

On Shelton Benjamin:

“He’s one of my best friends, we talk all the time, he’s the godfather to my daughter and you know, he’s getting paid. So, you know, he’s easy. He survived the cuts. I think in the future he’ll probably be an instructor or coach, especially with them signing all the amateur wrestlers like Gable Steveson, Steiner’s son (Bron Breakker), and there’s a couple others that they’ve signed who they may use shortly. So when they decide it’s time for him to retire, he’ll coach if he wants to. I’m happy for sure. I wish they would have ran with the Hurt Business and kept it going instead of breaking it up and then bringing it back. They had a lot of momentum. They really helped the company during the pandemic, so I was really happy to see him and Cedric back on TV. I just want the best for him because he deserves it. I would like to see him have a singles run, I’d love to see him get the World Championship. It would definitely be an extra feather in his cap and would definitely guide him towards the Hall of Fame.”

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