Former WWE Superstar Shows Off His Mask Collection

Former WWE Superstar Sin Cara, who now wrestles as Cinta De Oro, recently sat down for an interview with SportsKeeda.

During the interview with Riju Dasgupta, the former Sin Cara was asked about his collection of masks. De Oro revealed that he has “over a thousand” of the masks, and told Riju:

"Probably over a thousand. I have one here, Sin Cara one. And I'll show you a little bit before... there are all worn by other wrestlers that I admired when I was a little kid and those are some of mine. I'll show you a little bit... these are the Sin Cara ones (points to one of the shelves). I have collected a lot of masks since I was a little kid”.

Cinta De Oro also spoke about the way the masks makes him feel, whether he has it on or not. De Oro says he wants to be remembered for his mask, stating:

"To be honest, I feel at home when I wear a mask. I feel at peace. Without it, I feel like I’m missing something. It’s crazy to think that way, but it becomes part of you when you’re wearing a mask. The funny thing about it is Eddie Guerrero was the first one ever in professional wrestling to take the mask off voluntarily. He used to wrestle under a mask, and he was successful without wearing a mask. But I love wearing a mask. For Eddie, though, it was important he took it off. I don’t mind not being recognized. I want people to recognize the mask, not me”.

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(H/T and transcribed by SKWrestling)