Fred Rosser Offers Advice To Recently Released WWE Superstars

Former WWE wrestler and current NJPW Star Darren Young (Fred Rosser) recently spoke with Alfred Boima Konuwa III of Forbes on a number of topics, including his upcoming match against Ren Narita at NJPW's Resurgence.

Fred Rosser said:

“He’s 22 or 23.” “I’m 37, going to be 38 on November 2. He’s young and he’s dumb and he’s got a lot to learn and he’s going to find out at Resurgence and beyond that ‘Mr. No Days Off’ isn’t a gimmick. It’s a lifestyle, a constant grind and struggle. It’s gonna be a dog fight.”

Fred Rosser also spoke about how he was always rooting for Japan while watching the Olympics with his family, while they were rooting for the U.S. and that is because NJPW was the first to put him on the marquee before WWE did.

Fred Rosser said:

“I was watching the Olympics with my family and they were always rooting for the U.S. I was always rooting for Japan.” “My family would always say ‘why are you rooting for Japan?’ Because Japan was the first to put me on the marquee before WWE did. So it’s me, myself and I at this point in my career. New Japan brought me in so I must deliver, I’m going to deliver and the best is yet to come for me.”

Fred Rosser then spoke about the advice he has for the recently released WWE Superstars.

Fred Rosser said:

“There’s so much that I’ve done after WWE.” “It’s not fun when you get that call, it’s just the nature of the business. I always say Michael Jordan can’t play basketball forever. And I’m never comparing myself to Michael Jordan, maybe his work ethic, but Michael Jordan can’t play basketball forever. Things come to an end with WWE. You have to understand that you beat your body up with WWE so you have to utilize what you’ve made of yourself with WWE and use that on a resume.”

“I’ve been lucky enough to have many great sponsorships, I’ve been lucky enough to still continue to do what I love. I was denied by AEW, not once, but twice, but AEW wasn’t my all-in goal, it was New Japan and I pursued it with laser-like focus.”