Goldberg On Bron Breakker: "He's Me, Basically"

Is Goldberg a fan of Bron Breakker?

Who better to ask than the WWE Hall Of Famer himself.

During an interview with the Roman Atwood Podcast , Goldberg discussed the comparisons between himself and the current NXT Champion. Check out the highlights below.

On comparisons between himself and Bron Breakker:

“So I talked to a dude, a kid last night. Rick Steiner’s son, who’s now Bron Breakker, who’s the champion of NXT… it’s another segment of WWE, of the new up-and-comers basically. Well he’s me, basically. He’s sparing dudes, and they wanted him to Jackhammer people. And he’s the son of one of my best friends.”

On NXT Champion Bron Breakker:

“I love this kid. And he went up and he tried to play for Baltimore, I think he walked on as for Baltimore, for the Ravens. The kid is unbelievably athletic, but he’s he’s one of the smartest kids. And he’s knowledgeable in the business because he grew up with it. I was hanging out with him and his dad when he was Gage’s age. So now look at him, right? So he’s calling me last night, we’re talking about the business. And he’s like, ‘Man, if Gage ever needs anybody to make a phone call for him, I got a Rolodex of these all the coaches.’ And I’m like, ‘Is this really Steiner’s son?’ I mean, I remember when he was Gage’s age. And it’s just it’s cool. It’s cool how it’s all cyclical, and we’re all taking care of each other. You got great friends and a great group then, even through the generations they all take care of each other.”