Hana Kimura's Mother Files Complaint Against TV Show; Stardom Statement

-- Kyoko Kimura, the mother of the late wrestler Hana Kimura, filed a complaint with the Broadcast Ethics & Program Improvement Organization last week regarding the suicide death of her daughter. Kimura submitted documents noting that the reality show "Terrace House" was edited in such a manner that portrayed her daughter as being a violent woman while also forcing her to shoot scenes when she was in a state of shock and hyperventilating. She also claimed that her daughter followed instructions from the staff on how to act on camera which led to by significant cyberbullying, causing her to ultimately commit suicide. Other cast members have also stepped forward to confirm reports that the staff of the show instructed them to act in specific manners, including Kai Kobayashi - the man whom she had the incident with on the show. He claims that the producers told him to grab Kimura's breasts during a date to make it more interesting.

-- In related news, Stardom responded to the moving case with the following statement:

Regarding some news reports

There are various reports in some news, SNS, etc. regarding the death of Hana Kimura in our female professional wrestling "Stardom", but we are currently in [contact with] the family of Hana Kimura and the bereaved family. Since we are exchanging information with an attorney at law, we refrain from making direct reference to details from us or our officers.

If there is something that should be announced by our company, we will report it later.