HBK Reveals He's Helping Write NXT TV Shows, Working With Young Talent

As noted, WWE Hall Of Famer Shawn Michaels recently appeared on Edge and Christian's podcast, E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness, for an in-depth interview. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On starting off on a part-time basis but becoming consumed by his job at the WWE Performance Center: "When we came here, when we came to Florida just to visit, it was just this unbelievably infectious, positive environment. And then, we ended up moving here and I was around it a little more. And then, you have people asking me questions. And then, all-of-a-sudden, you're back in, you are in this give and take and throwing stuff around, and yes, getting back into that creative process that we all enjoy so much. It's all of this preplanning that drives you. Performing it is great, but so much of the fun is just coming up with it and the process that you go through to come up with it. To sit there with your buddies and throw a bunch of stuff out there, and 'this is good - let's do that', 'no that doesn't work', and then, all-of-a-sudden, when you all hit on it, and everybody looks at each other like, 'ooh yeah, that's it.' And that's certainly what I've found as I kept going in and out of there is that this generation was very into that, and even better is that desire to take it to another level."

On why he loves working with the young, up-and-coming talent in NXT: "I love the NXT, and, again, that's where I get to go to work darn near every day and it's a blast because they're taking it worldwide. Heck, we're over in the UK now and it's a-whole-nother group of young, hungry guys and when you're constantly around all these young, hungry guys scratching and clawing to get their shot. And them being in NXT they know it finally got real to them. They know the next step could be to the main roster. And good, bad, or otherwise, they know there's a chance. Do you know what I mean? Everybody can complain like the wrestling fans do now, they complain this guy getting used here, or getting used there, or whatever, but the only way to have a chance is to get there. And so, that's what they all focus on, not whether they're getting used well. They're just focused on, 'if I get there, I have a chance' and that's very infectious to be around and it's a joy to be around on a regular basis because we've got a group of great and talented young men and women in NXT and obviously in the UK now as well."

On NXT being Triple H's baby and how he is now helping write the NXT TV shows: "To [Triple H] and I, clearly, [NXT] is his baby, but I mean, I'm all in. Yeah, they've got me hook, line, and sinker. And it's funny because he kind of hired me like, 'just stick your big toe in and see how you like it. Just do a couple of times a week.' And then, of course, whatever it is, two years later, I'm full scale helping to write TVs and doing it all! I'm so far in, there's no way I'm getting out and I have no desire to get out because it's a blast. It really is."

Check out the complete Shawn Michaels interview from E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness at WestwoodOnePodcasts.com.