Highlights From Recent Charlie Haas Interview

Former WWE Superstar Charlie Haas recently spoke with The WrestlingInc. Daily, where he discussed a number of topics. During his conversation with the site, the former Team Angle member spoke about his current work place, what brought him back to wrestling, and more. Check out the highlights below:

On becoming an MMA fighter instead of a professional wrestler:

“Kurt and Shelton and I had talked about it. Brock’s a little bit younger than us. But we were about ten years too late for that. When we started pro wrestling, that’s when UFC 1, with Gracie and Shamrock, the rounds were ten minutes long. There was no entertainment. It was dying a slow death, and it did die. And WWF at the time was taking off.”

On supporting local wrestling:

“I went out just trying to support local wrestling. SWE was in town, they were up in Canton, so I brought the kids to a show and brought them backstage to meet Teddy (Long), Road Warrior, Jazz, and a lot of the other people I used to work with. There was a lot of new faces as well. I introduced my kids to them all, but I was really impressed with the production of how SWE was. It’s not just a local indie, it’s not just a bingo parlor or anything like that. They really scout the venues they put the show on, and make sure the venues aren’t just great for the wrestlers, but for the fans as well. Access to concessions, bathrooms, parking, things like that. Makes it easier for the family to come see.”

Says he thought he was finished wrestling:

“I really thought professional wrestling was over in my life. Especially after my divorce, I was just done with it, but my kids are just really into it. They wanted me to get back into pro wrestling somehow, whether it be I help write for tag teams or instruct, because I got two boys that want to be pro wrestlers, and I got a 14-year-old daughter that now wants to be a pro wrestler as well. So why not? Now they’re trying to talk me into buying a ring.”

(H/T and transcribed by 411Mania)