Highlights From Recent Tony Deppen Interview

Tony Deppen has been on a quest to make a name for himself in the wrestling world, and he recently interviewed with Wrestling Inc.Com, where he covered a variety of topics.

Tony was asked about his current status with ROH, where he appeared in a match against PJ Black, and he said:

“I’m still an independent contractor. There will be more things to come. People are thinking I’m trying to work them, but no, I’m not signed to them at all.”

Deppen also took time to speak about Ring Of Honor signing multiple people during the pandemic era of wrestling, and even name dropped former WWE Superstar Andrade. Deppen told the site:

“Everybody keeps harping on Ring of Honor like, ‘Why aren’t you guys doing this? Why aren’t you doing that?’ But in reality, it’s not the guys that are in Ring of Honor that have the authority to do that. It’s Sinclair Broadcasting. They own Ring of Honor. They’re the ones who say, ‘Hey, do this, do that. You can sign people at this time.’ I know there’s a set date that they’re having a conversation with Sinclair to be like, ‘Okay, we can start talking about actually signing new people.’ Now granted, because Andrade just got released, they’re going to make an exception for him if they get a chance to. I know that for a fact, but Tony Deppen, no, they’re not going to make an exception. They’ll f**king wait. They’ll wait it out.”

Tony continued speaking about the former NXT Champion, as well as United States Champion. Deppen was asked if he believed Andrade would sign with ROH, and stated:

“I can see it happening. Do I know if it’s going to happen? No. I know he is close with Rush, Dragon Lee and his father, Bestia. I know that much. So that may be an influential thing that drives Andrade there. However, when it comes down to it, everybody’s going with the dollar senses, but if Andrade comes, that’s going to be a huge score for Ring of Honor. A world-class athlete and it’d be amazing if he actually comes there, but we don’t know.”

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(H/T and transcribed by 411Mania)