Hiromu Takahashi Said A Number Of His Personal Items Were Stolen While He Was Competing At NJPW Music City Mayhem

Top NJPW Star Hiromu Takahashi recently had a conversation with Yahoo Japan on topics like how he had his valuables stolen from his hotel room in Nashville, Tennessee while he was competing at NJPW Music City Mayhem.

Hiromu Takahashi said:

“I generally keep valuables with me when I am abroad, but two T-shirts, a tank top, two pairs of shorts, and a neck pillow that I had washed and hung in my room were missing. The amount of money may not be that big, but I was so pissed off that I told the front desk clerk, ‘Hey! I just got back from the show and everything is gone!”

Hiromu Takahashi also talked about how people planning to travel to abroad should be cautious because overseas travel is scary.

Hiromu Takahashi said:

“I had a lot of help there in filing damage reports and so on. I think people who are planning to travel abroad should be cautious. I want to remind people again that overseas travel is scary, although they may have forgotten about it due to the Corona disaster. I want people to leave important things at their hotels and not go out. But America is great.”

Hiromu Takahashi then talked about how he felt about his match at NJPW's Music City Mayhem Event.

Hiromu Takahashi said:

“I felt good. I thought the U.S. was great, and I wanted to make STRONG a part of it. I want to go to the U.S. as many times as I can.”

You can check out Hiromu Takahashi's comments at this link.