How It Started vs How It Ended: Goldust

Hello again everyone, and welcome back to How It Started vs How It Ended! Today’s edition of the column is all about former WWE Superstar, Goldust. Today I’ll take a look at the start-stop career Goldust had, the way it all kicked off, and how his WWE career came to a close. Now that we’re all caught up, let’s see what went down with Goldust!

Dustin Rhodes began his 1st run with WWE on September 21st 1990, quickly getting into a tag team rivalry with Ted Dibiase and Virgil. Dustin, alongside his father Dusty Rhodes, picked up a singles victory over Dibiase in December 1990. The father son duo would ultimately fall short of victory, at the 1991 Royal Rumble event, and Dustin, along with Dusty, headed for WCW. By August ‘95, Dustin made his return to the then WWF, this time as one of the most infamous characters in the company’s history, Goldust. “The Bizarre One” competed in his first match on October 22, 1995, at In Your House 4, in a match against Marty Jannetty. Goldust hit a suplex variation for the win, and walked to the back with a blackout in the arena, followed by a gold spotlight. After defeating Bam Bam Bigelow at Survivor Series, Goldust began a rivalry with Razor Ramon, over the Intercontinental Championship. The two would go on to feud for the rest of 1995, and into 1996, coming to an end at the ‘96 Royal Rumble. On that night, Goldust, accompanied by his new manager Marlena, claimed his first championship victory. The win came after a distraction from the 1-2-3 Kid caused Razor Ramon to lose. Goldust and Razor were headed for another collision, but the match would get cancelled, making way for one of the most entertaining matches in company history. Goldust competed in a Hollywood Backlot Brawl, against none other than “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. The brawl was exactly that, and Piper controlled the early portion of the match. Things took a turn when Goldust hit Piper with a gold painted car, and the Rowdy one jumped into a white bronco, just like the one from the OJ Simpson chase. The chase concluded back at the arena, with the action spilling all the way into the ring. Roddy Piper picked up the win, stripping Goldust down to nothing but women’s lingerie in the process. Yes, you read that correctly. After Wrestlemania, Goldust would go on to defend the Intercontinental Championship against Savio Vega, as well as The Ultimate Warrior. At King Of The Ring ‘96, Goldust came up short of retaining the title, competing in a match against Ahmed Johnson. Moving things along to November of 1997, Goldust and his manager Marlena split, and “The Bizzare One” became even more bizzare. In early 1998, Goldust took a page from musician Prince, and became “The Artist Formerly Known As” Goldust. Goldust started an identity crisis, dressing up as many different things, such as “Chynadust”, “Flashdust”, and “Sabledust”. The crisis would go through most of ‘98, and at the beginning of 1999, Goldust began a feud with The Blue Meanie, or as he was known at this time, “Bluedust”. After Goldust defeated Bluedust at St. Valentines Day Massacre, Meanie became the apprentice to Goldust. During the same time period, Goldust earned his second IC title run, defeating Road Dogg to do so. Two weeks later, Goldust dropped the strap to The Godfather. Goldust would go on to team up with The Blue Meanie, competing in tag team matches against The Hardy Boyz, until departing for a second time in June ‘99, once again jumping ship to WCW.

Goldust began his 3rd run with the company in 2001, after WWE purchased WCW. Though WWE didn’t re-sign him right away, they eventually did, and began running vignettes for his return. Goldust made his return to the ring at the 2002 Royal Rumble, competing as a face. Goldust turned heel shortly after the match, and entered a quick feud with Rob Van Dam, suffering a loss at No Way Out in the process. Goldust would go on to start competing in the hardcore division after that, where he would win the Hardcore Championship 9 times. “The Bizzare One” defeated superstars such as Maven, William Regal, Spike Dudley, Bubba Ray Dudley, and Tommy Dreamer over the course of three months, until the WWE held its first ever draft. After the draft, Goldust began teaming with Booker T, in one of the most memorable tag teams of the 2000’s era of wrestling. The comedy tag team competed on Raw for a short time, until Booker T joined the WWE version of the NWO. When the NWO kicked Booker out of the group, Goldust helped the 5 time WCW champion out right away, and the two began a feud with the NWO. After the brief feud, the comedy duo took a bit more of a serious approach, and began a quest to capture the World Tag Team Championships. Goldust and Booker T defeated World Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho and Christian, as well as The Dudley Boyz, and Lance Storm with William Regal, at Armageddon 2002. Goldusts’ first reign as a tag team champion lasted until January 2003, when Lance Storm and William Regal defeated him and Booker. On February 3, Goldust and Booker failed to reclaim the titles, and Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff forced the pair to spilt afterwards. Things would get much worse for the “androgynous” Goldust, when Evolution threw him into a circuit board, on an episode of Raw. The severely shocking incident left Goldust with a stutter, which would lead to more comedy segments from him. As weeks went by, Goldust found himself in a makeshift tag team with Lance Storm, before entering a program with his former partner, Booker T. Booker began receiving mysterious messages, with the implication being that the now heel Goldust was behind the messages, but things never came to fruition. Goldust would end up not having the match, and WWE allowed his contract to expire in December.

Between December 2003, and January 27th 2013, Goldust left the company and returned briefly two more times. Now in his fifth run with the company, Goldust appeared in the Royal Rumble match, competing as a face. After a hot start, Goldust would be eliminated by his real life half-brother, Cody Rhodes. Goldust appeared as a surprise entrant, seemingly for a one time appearance, and Cody went into a feud with The Authority. After being fired in Kayfabe, Cody needed the help of Goldust to get his job back. Goldust competed in a match on a September 9th episode of Raw, ultimately losing, and failing to get Cody’s job back. The brothers were left without a job, and The Authority began to play mind games with Dusty Rhodes. Goldust and Cody would eventually receive a second chance to regain their jobs, taking on The Shield at Battleground. On the October 14th Raw, the Rhodes brothers defeated The Shield once again, this time earning the Tag Team Championship's. During Goldust’s second reign as tag team champion, “The Bizzare One” became a little less bizzare, finally dropping the stutter, and trading in his signature wig/robe combo for a jacket similar to Cody’s. The two held on to the titles until the January 2014 Royal Rumble event, where they dropped the titles to The New Age Outlaws. Later that same night, Goldust accidentally eliminated Cody, but things remained cordial. After months of trying to regain the titles, Cody stepped away from the ring, telling Goldust he would help him find a better partner. On June 16th, Cody returned to Raw, this time portraying a new character known as Stardust. After a few brief non-title feuds, Goldie and Stardust competed for the WWE Tag Team Championships once again, and defeated The Uso’s to reclaim the titles, at the 2014 Night Of Champions event. The now heel Goldust’s 3rd reign as Tag Team Champion came to an end on a November 24th episode of Raw, in a losing effort to The Miz and Damien Mizdow. After attempts to regain the tag titles fell short, tension began to come between the Rhodes brothers, and Stardust turned on his older brother. The attack turned Goldust face once again, and the two competed in a singles match at Fastlane 2015. Goldust defeated Stardust, and later that night, Stardust attacked their father, Dusty. The attack seemed to set up a Wrestlemania match, but the storyline was dropped, and both men competed in different matches at “the show of shows”.

Fast forwarding things to May 22, 2017, vignettes began airing on Raw, showing Goldust in a directors chair. Goldust spoke about R-Truth, saying Truth’s “light is flickering”, before telling the WWE Universe that “the golden age is back”. Goldust and Truth would then go into a short program, since the former “Golden Truth” members had a previous falling out, and the feud came to a head on the July 10th episode of Raw. On that night, after weeks of backstage segments, Goldust defeated R-Truth, via the Final Cut. On the September 11th episode of Raw, Goldust found himself caught in the middle of a rivalry between Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt. After a match with Bray, Wyatt used a towel to wipe the makeup off of Goldust’s face, all the while yelling “he’s just a man”. This lead to a second match between Goldust and Bray, but this time, Goldust didn’t wear any paint, instead opting to compete bare faced. Goldust would fall in defeat to Wyatt once again, and suffer a post-match beat down from Bray, until Finn Balor came out to make the save. On the next episode of Raw, Goldust revealed that he resented the help, and attacked Balor. The two went on to compete in a match later that night, and Goldust was defeated once again. The next year would continue to be up and down for Goldust, who competed in a tag team match, alongside Cedric Alexander. The pair defeated Ariya Daivari and Drew Gulak on Raw, which lead to a rematch on 205 Live. Goldust and Alexander won again, and “The Bizzare One” moved on to the Mixed Match Challenge. In that tournament, Goldust competed along side his partner Mandy Rose, under the team name “Rose Gold”. Goldust and Rose were a quick out, failing to advance past the first round, after taking a loss to Jimmy Uso and Naomi. On March 5th, Goldust confronted John Cena, and attacked him. Goldust would end up biting off more than he could chew, and found himself in a match against Cena, which Cena won. Goldust then moved on to an April 2nd episode of Raw, and where he announced his entry into the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, at Wrestlemania 34. On the same night, Goldust unsuccessfully competed against the eventual winner of the battle royal, “Woken” Matt Hardy. After being eliminated by R-Truth at ‘Mania, Goldust went on to perform in The Greatest Royal Rumble. Goldust entered the match nearly halfway through, and lasted a short time, before being thrown over the top rope by Bobby Roode. Goldust never appeared on WWE TV after the event, and went on to have double knee surgery, before confirming that he had asked for his release from the company.

Wow, I never realized just how much Goldust came and went from WWE. It speaks to the level of performer the man behind the paint is, when you think about how much respect he has acquired from WWE fans throughout the years. If you would like to see the final moments of Goldust’s career in better quality, head over to the WWE Network, and go to the 3:57:51 mark of The Greatest Royal Rumble event. You can also watch the video I’ve posted below, and fast forward to 6:36.

How It Started

How It Ended

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