Ilja Dragunov Names Three WWE Main Roster Talents He's Excited To Work With

Ilja Dragunov is excited at the prospect of working with some of the veteran talent on the WWE main roster when he makes his inevitable transition up from NXT.

During a recent interview with Phil Strum of Under The Ring, the fan-favorite NXT Superstar spoke about how the WWE main roster is full of countless top talents that he hasn't had the opportunity to work with yet.

"There are countless people (in WWE who I’d want to wrestle that I haven’t yet)," he said. "This company is filled with an unlimited amount of great talent. So, there’s so many people I think I could create something special with."

Dragunov, who challenges Carmelo Hayes for the NXT World Championship this Saturday night at NXT No Mercy 2023 in Bakersfield, CA., named Shinsuke Nakamura, Finn Balor and Rey Mysterio as three specific names he looks forward to working with one day.

"First person, one of the people that come to my mind is definitely Shinsuke Nakamura, people like Seth Rollins who also has all this artistic way with the people and you see how over he is and the attention he gets," he said. "And definitely, I mean as long as the chance is still there, maybe with one of the people who were the first I’ve been watching like Rey Mysterio for example."

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