Impact Results - "No Surrender" Fall-Out Edition (02/16/21): Skyway Studios, Nashville, TN

Welcome to's LIVE results coverage for the February 16, 2021 IMPACT Wrestling Results - "No Surrender" Fall-Out Edition which airs live from the Skyway Studio in Nashville, Tennessee starting at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time (7:00 p.m. Central Time) on AXS TV! Tonight's edition of IMPACT Wrestling is the "Fall-Out" episode following this past Saturday's IMPACT Wrestling - No Surrender 2021 pay-per-view event!

Advertised for the February 16, 2021 edition of IMPACT Wrestling Results - "No Surrender" Fall-Out Edition on AXS tv, NJPW's Juice Robinson & David Finlay will be in the IMPACT Zone and much more on the Fall-Out from IMPACT Wrestling - No Surrender 2021 pay-per-view that aired this past Saturday, February 13, 2021!

Featured below are complete results of the February 16, 2021 edition of IMPACT Wrestling! The following report was written by's longest running female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow Jamie on Twitter @JamieRush312.

IMPACT Wrestling Results - (02/16/21)

Show Opening

As the February 16th, 2021 edition of IMPACT Wrestling - "No Surrender 2021" pay-per-view Fall-Out Edition kicks off as the clock chimes 8:00 p.m. (Eastern TIme), we enter Skyway Studios Arena in Nashville, Tennessee as we are welcomed by tonight's commentary team of D'Lo Brown and Matt Striker who are sitting at the announcer's table to have an up-close and personal seat for tonight's action. After a quick run down of the matches already advertised for this evening's episode of IMPACT Wrestling, we officially start tonight's action packed show! We head to the ring for the first official match-up of the evening as we get the entrances for the participants in this X-Division Championship match.

X-Division Championship Match
TJP (c) vs. Josh Alexander

As we enter the ring for the first official match-up of the evening for tonight's edition of IMPACT Wrestling, the entrance theme sounds for Josh Alexander as he is officially announced and makes his way to the stage, then down the ramp to enter the ring where he awaits his opponent for the evening! Out next is the current X-Division Champion, TJP as his entrance theme sounds in the Skyway Studios Arena in Nashville, TN! The champ makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring with awaiting opponent, Alexander. The referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and this match is officially underway!

Early on in the match-up, TJ cleverly switches to an Octopus Stretch, Alexander in visible pain as TJP locks in the abdominal stretch. We then see Alexander maneuver himself into position as he counters as he gets a leg over. TJP with an upside down Head-Scissors to take Alexander down to the canvas. TJP follows up with a unique flip out of the what looked like a Half-Crab attempt by Alexander, as TJP theatrically lands on his feet with a "Johnny Saint" escape as the commentary team encourage the fans to stand up and applaud on that one!

TJ is on his back as he is stacked with his shoulders down, trying to counter through, Alexander forced to lean down to alleviate the pressure caused by TJ's upside down Triangle as he looks to hyper-extend the arm of Alexander. TJ only needs to point his palms straight over to get the submission. Alexander not ready to submit, gathers his strength and hoists TJP up in the air! Alexander follows up with a slam to the canvas forcing TJ to break his hold. TJ again applies the Triangle and Alexander carries TJ upside down towards the corner, lifting TJ just enough to slam his head into the bottom turnbuckle forcing TJ to release! Both men back to their feet. TJP runs across the ring full speed at Alexander who is posted up in the corner of the ring.

TJP lands a huge Tornado DDT that connects and drops Alexander to the canvas. TJP quickly heads in for the cover, Alexander able to get the shoulder up at the two count. Next, TJP looks to set up for his signature "Mamba Splash" to no avail as Alexander evades the attempt, forcing TJP to roll through as the match continues. Alexander makes his way out to the apron with TJP where he Bull-rushes TJP as they both are sent off the apron crashing to ringside. Both men are laid out at ringside as the referee begins the count-out. Alexander enters the ring first, heading to the corner. TJP makes his way back into the ring as the referee stops the count. Alexander already made his way to the top turnbuckle and flies towards TJP who quickly reacts and counters Alexander's attempt with a Dropkick of his own connecting to Alexander mid-air!

Alexander switches tactics as he looks for a submission finish of his own as he locks in an Ankle Lock to slow down the pace in the ring drastically. TJP finally able to successfully break free from Alexander's grip and proceeds to take Alexander down with several Boots for the counter! At this point, TJP looks for a high-flying move as he makes his way to the top turnbuckle, but Alexander quickly meets TJP at the top where he connects a Heavy Strike to stop TJP in his tracks. A Double Under-hook applied by Alexander followed by TJP countering as he sends Alexander flying through the air, landing on the canvas!

TJP looks to finish things up as he again looks for his "Mamba Splash", but again he is unsuccessful as Alexander gets his knees up just in time! TJP breaks out of an Ankle Lock applied by Alexander and TJP once again locks in the Octopus Hold. Alexander scurries free only to be hit with a Pump Handle Suplex followed by a Detonation Kick by TJP. Finally TJP is able to successfully hit his Mama Splash finisher for the three count pin and win!

Winner and STILL X-Division Champion: TJP

After the Match

TJP stands tall inside the ring as he is announced to be the victor and still X-Division Champion, we then head backstage.

Backstage Interview -

Interviewer Gia Miller walks over and stops Tommy Dreamer as he is walking out of the office of Scott D'Amore. Dreamer responds by informing Miller he asked D'Amore to set a match for himself against the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Rich Swann in an "Old School Rules Match" after what Moose did to him and Rich Swann after their main event match-up at this past Saturday's IMPACT Wrestling - No Surrender 2021 pay-per-view. Dreamer then apologizes to Gia before taking his leave. On that note, we are sent to commercial break!

Backstage - Brian Myers and Hernandez

Brian Myers walks through a door into the next hallway as he stumbles upon Hernandez who is standing tall as an oncoming Myers smiles and states casually, "Just the guy I was looking for!" Hernandez responds, "Really, seems like you were dodging me..." Myers notes that he had told Hernandez he would pay half up front, then half after they won at the IMPACT Wrestling - No Surrender 2021 pay-per-view, which they did. Myers continues on as he states he's a man of his word as he pulls money from his pocket, as he exclaims, "BOOM BABY!"

Hernandez seems satisfied with the completed transaction, then asks, "How 'bout tonight?" Myers responds that "same deal is on the table tonight, half up front, other half after you beat Cardona." Hernandez assures Myers he WILL beat Cardona tonight. Myers says he'll be watching, then walks off as Hernandez counts his money.

Fallah Bahh Wanting In On The Action

Fallah Bahh walks up behind Hernandez right as Myers walks off. Hernandez says no deal as he knows Bahh has a gambling problem. Bahh responds he's an investor, and he can take $20 and make it $40 as he raises his eyebrows. Hernandez declines, but then says he'll give Bahh $10, and if he can turn it into $20, then they'll talk. He then walks away, Bahh looks at the money in his hand and crumbles it into his fist tightly as a huge "up-to-no-damn-good" smile runs across his face!

Willie Mack vs. Suicide vs. Trey Miguel vs. Daivari

As we return to the ring for more X-Division action, we have all four competitors inside the ring as the referee signals for the bell to officially start this next match-up. The bell rings and the match is officially underway! Immediately at the bell, we see Daivari head straight for the offensive attack on Willie Mack. Suicide turns his attention to Daivari at this point, landing a Missile Drop Kick to send Daivari to ringside.

As Daivari makes his way back into the ring, he is knocked down once again with a Double Dropkick by Trey and Suicide who land a few good High Flying Maneuvers. Next we see Suicide and Miguel go back and forth until they both look to one another as they decide to Double-Teaming Willie Mack! Willie Mack withstands the offense, finally countering his way out of the attack as he lands an impressive Double Standing Moonsault onto Miguel and Suicide. Trey steps to Willie at this point and immediately goes for a Jawbreaker.

Suicide assists as he sweeps the leg of Mack. Suicide throws Miguel and Mack out of the ring. He heads to the top. Daivari shoves him off. He sends Suicide crashing into the mat with a Samoan Drop. Miguel slides back into the ring. Mack slams him down and drops himself on top of Suicide and Miguel with a double-standing moonsault. Trey Miguel finishes the match with a perfect Meteora on Suicide. Finally, Miguel is able to hook the leg on the masked high-flyer for the three count pin and win!

Winner: Trey Miguel

Backstage - Sami Callihan

As we head backstage following the last match-up, we run into Sami Callihan is waiting for Trey Miguel. He claps for his victory. Callihan says although he won tonight, it doesn’t mean he has passion. Trey makes a face, but doesn't say anything as he continues walking away.

Backstage - D'Amore's Office

We head to D'Amore's office where Scott D’Amore congratulates TJP on retaining his X-Division Championship. The two begin talking when suddenly a knock at the door stops them short. Ace Austin enters and states that he wants his title shot again. D’Amore agrees. Next week, there will be a six-man tag team match. The winners will then face off in a triple threat match for the No. 1 Contender spot.

Hernandez (with Brian Myers) vs. Matt Cardona

As we return to the ring for the next match-up of the evening, Matt Cardona makes his way to the ring followed by his competitor Hernandez who is accompanied by Brian Myers. The referee stands between both competitors as he signals for the bell to officially start the match. The bell rings, and here we go! Early on, Hernandez aggressively shoves Cardona causing Cardona to land hard on the canvas to counter a mutual Lock-Up. Cardona makes his way back to his feet and the two Lock-Up a second time. Hernandez again successfully slams Cardona to the canvas. Cardona back to his feet looks for the offense, landing a Dropkick to Hernandez who is sent out of the ring.

Cardona able to catch his breath momentarily before Hernandez makes his way back into the ring at the referee's count warning. Hernandez now back in the ring, Shoulder Tackles Cardona like a linebacker sending Cardona directly to the mat. Hernandez bails to the outside and Cardona quickly makes his way to the top turnbuckle where he then Dives on Hernandez. Cardona taunts Myers who is standing at ringside before looking for Radio Silence, but Hernandez pops up and lands a low-blow while the referee is distracted with Myers who is up on the apron keeping the ref's attention. On that note, we head to commercial break.

As we once again return from commercial break, the commentary team notes that Cardona has been in control for the most part after getting back to his feet during the commercial break. We head back into the ring where Cardona lands a Missile Dropkick on Hernandez for the counter after a tight-grip Bearhug nearly took the life out of Cardona. Hernandez looks to regain control as he looks for the Border Toss, to no avail. Cardona then finishes the match up with Radio Silence for the three count pin and win!

WINNER: Matt Cardona

Post-Match Interview

Immediately following his victory, Matt Cardona is interviewed by Gia Miller who asks if Cardona is here on Impact to end his feud with Brian Myers once and for all. Cardona states Myers is not the reason why he’s at Impact. He continues on to share that he is here to pass on the knowledge he’s learned over the last 18 years of time he has spent in this business.

At this point, Brian Myers is tired of hearing Cardona speak, so Myers enters the ring to call Cardona out. Without any official answers or waiting, the two begin to brawl right then and there as Hernandez attacks from behind! Finally, Eddie Edwards runs out to even the odds for Cardona. Edwards lands a Lariat on Hernandez, sending him out of the ring.

Two Tony's Public Service Announcement

We see Tony Schiavone and The Forbidden Door, Tony Khan. They discuss this past Sunday's Valentine's Day and lack of gifts after shelling out money. We then run down tomorrow night’s Dynamite card with Khan. He does credit IMPACT for unleashing a newer him. At this point, Schiavone picks things up as he runs down the rest of the card. Khan then compares Eddie Kingston to Michael Corleone in The Godfather (the two Tonys’ favorite movie).Khan finishes the announcement by stating he has a Valentine’s Day gift for Kenny Omega tomorrow, watch to see!

Backstage - Nevaeh and Havok

We head backstage where Nevaeh and Havok discuss the pro's and con's of staying as a team after the loss at No Surrender. Before coming to any conclusion, Tenille and Kyle with a K make their way into the conversation. Tenille doesn't waste any time as she suggests (or offers, rather) her partnership to Havok. Nevaeh, not happy with the "sweet" gesture, instead challenges her to a match. Tenille walks off and Havok assures she has Nevaeh’s back, but she states she wants to handle it alone.

Reno Scum vs. Finn Juice

With both teams at their corners after entrances, the referee signals for the bell from the center of the ring. The bell rings and this next match up is officially underway! To get things going we see David Finlay in his corner and Luster “The Legend” in his corner as they kick things off in this next match-up. Fin is able to get Reno alone in the corner, where he's unable to make the tag. Luster does hit a Spine-buster and tags in Thornstowe. He levels Finlay and then knocks Juice Robinson off the apron. Next we see Reno head in at his opponent where he goes for a Headbutt, but somehow misses. Instead, Juice makes the tag.

As he enters the ring, we see a Vaulting Senton Splash by Juice. Next, Juice connects several jabs to Luster inside the ring. Finally, he hits a Clotheslines to Thornstowe in the corner, sending him down to the mat. Juice looks for the cover but only gets the two as the match continues. Reno goes for a Double Team Finish, but Fin Juice sees it coming and quickly takes out Luster with a Double Dropkick. A Superplex that is followed up with a Splash from the top turnbuckle gets the cover and the three count pin and win for Fin Juice.

Winner: Fin Juice

After the Match

This is their first official win on IMPACT, commentary points out as we head into replays from the match.

The Good Brothers "Welcome FinJuice

As we return to the ring where FinJuice is still celebrating their first victory on IMPACT, the entrance theme for the Impact World Tag Team Champions, The Good Brothers, come out with a “warm” welcome to FinJuice. They start by reminiscing when Juice Robinson and David Finlay were the Young Lions during The Good Brothers run in NJPW and how they used to carry their bags. FinJuice not amused by their "trip down memory lane" quickly fires back by saying they aren’t young anymore. In fact, they think they’re on the same level as the World Tag Team Champions. Well then.

At The Bar

We head to the bar as Shera is blamed by Rohit Raju his X-Division match loss this past Saturday at the pay-per-view. Shera shoves Raju right into James Storm, which causes Storm to spill some of his beer. That is alcohol abuse! Storm stands up and grabs a bottle that he then breaks over Shera's head for crashing into him. At this point, Chris Sabin steps in to break up the potential fight. Johnny Swinger invites Storm and Sabin to his palace where no fighting goes down; only drinking and gambling. That's settled then!

Swinger’s Palace

Somehow we arrive at Swinger's Palace just seconds later, convenient. Johnny Swinger starts off by introducing Storm and Sabin to his friends at the Palace. Storm immediately attempts to hit on Alisha. At this point, Fallah Bahh runs in with a $10 bill (apparently to show off his "investing" skills). Not even 30 seconds later, Bahh loses his bet. Bahh is once again kicked out of The Palace.

Nevaeh vs. Tenille Dashwood

We head back into the Skyway Studios arena as we return to the ring for the next match-up of the evening. Dashwood makes her way to the ring, as does Nevaeh. With both women inside the ring, the referee stands between the two and signals for the bell. The bell rings and this match0up is officially underway! To start things off, Dashwood and Nevaeh go back and forth.

Nevaeh is taken down by Dashwood who quickly rolls Nevaeh up for an early pin-fall attempt, to no avail as Nevaeh successfully kicks out and the match continues. Nevaeh takes down Tenille as she slams her into the apron, she then takes a tumble to ringside as we head to commercial break.

As we return from the commercial break, commentary notes that during the break Nevaeh was in control with Tenille on defense. Now back in the ring, Tenille regains control with a Float-over Suplex for the cover. Nevaeh kicks out at the two count. Tenille continues the offense on Nevaeh, as she gets the cover. Nevaeh again kicks out and counters with a Sidewalk Slam and Nevaeh capitalizes with several Strikes.

Nevaeh follows up with an STO to bulldog Tenille. Nevaeh goes for the cover, Tenille kicks out at two. Neveah then Faceplants Tenille for a cover, Nevaeh kicks out at the two. Tenille lands a Back Elbow on Nevaeh followed by a Corner Splash. Finally an Aussie Dropkick for the three count pin and win!

WINNER: Tenille Dashwood


We head backstage where we come up on Violent By Design. Deaner issues a Tables Match against Jake Something to take place next week. According to Deaner, he wants to do it alone and is willing to suffer the consequences.

Backstage - Susan, Kimber Lee, and Deonna Purrazzo

Next we see Susan backstage who is livid that Kimber Lee, Deonna Purrazzo and herself did not win against ODB, Jazz and Jordynne Grace at No Surrender. Purrazzo states that she believes Lee and Susan are deserving of a title shot. They head over to Scott D’Amore to propose their idea of having Lee and Susan challenge for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship. D'Amore states he has an idea. Next week, Kimber Lee and Susan will team up to take on Jazz and Jordynne Grace to determine the No. 1 Contenders for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship.

Old School Rules Match
Moose vs. Tommy Dreamer

As we return to the ring, it is finally time for the main event of the evening! We get ring entrances for Tommy Dreamer and Moose respectively to start tonight's "Old School Rules" match for tonight's main event. Dreamer on one side of the ring, Moose on the other, the referee stands in the center of the ring. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and this match-up is officially underway! To start things off, Dreamer immediately heads in with heavy blows to Moose, followed by a couple good jabs. Dreamer makes Moose fall to ringside followed up with a Baseball Slide that connects to Moose.

Dreamer then slams Moose into the barricade and then goes for the ring post, but Moose is able to counter, sending Dreamer into the ring post instead. Dreamer grabs Moose in a choke with his bandana followed by striking him with a cookie sheet. Tommy grabs a steel chair as we head to commercial break.

As we return from the final commercial break, we return to ringside where Moose somehow took possession of the steel chair Dreamer had before break, and Moose is choking Dreamer with it. Moose then strikes Dreamer with a cookie sheet (a lot of baking and sitting at the IMPACT shows apparently). Back inside the ring, Moose confidentially pins Dreamer with one foot. Dreamer breaks the cover and starts fighting back until Moose lands a Dropkick to Dreamer to cover again. Dreamer kicks out at the two count. Moose yells “it’s just business” as he continues to dominate Dreamer in the ring.

He then follows up by calling Dreamer a “fat piece of garbage” and Dreamer counters as he grabs him by the family jewels. Dreamer back to his feet, hits a Float-over DDT for the cover. Moose kicks out at one. Dreamer then hits him with a trash can lid. Dreamer goes for his DDT on the chair, but Moose reverses it into an STO. At this point, Dreamer is down. Moose heads to the outside at this point. Moose drags out a table and slides it into the ring. Dreamer then spears Moose through it and Dreamer’s fired up.

Moose gets to his feet slowly as Tommy grabs a kendo stick... uh-oh! Tommy connects several kendo shots to Moose. Moose yells and nails Dreamer with a Uranage. Moose Spears him or the cover for the three count pin and win!

Winner: Moose

That's the show!

**That's all for tonight's edition of IMPACT Wrestling - "No-Surrender 2021" Fall-Out Edition. As always, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay awesome! RUSH OUT!!**

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