IMPACT Stars Discuss The Term "Knockouts" Being Appropriate For Women' Division

IMPACT Wrestling's Rosemary and former superstar Gail Kim both defended the term "Knockouts" on Twitter today after a fan suggested that the term was demeaning to women in 2020.

Rosemary begins by writing, "It’s not, actually. And the roster has said MANY times how “Knockouts” makes us feel like badasses. KOs come in all shapes in sizes & we are all badass and beautiful. It’s WHY I went to train! So please stop telling us how we should be insulted when we already feel empowered."

Kim later adds that during her time the roster and management heavily discussed the term, and most were happy with it. She writes, "If people only knew that we have discussed this and the majority of us like it. Its not demeaning to us at all. It’s empowering and special."

The division officially began to referred to as the "Knockouts" in IMPACT around 2007. Deonna Purrazzo is the current IMPACT Knockouts champion. Check out the tweets below.