Impact Turning Point 2020 Results: The Skyway Studios, Nashville TN

Welcome to's LIVE Results for IMPACT Turning Point 2020 which airs LIVE from The Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee on IMPACT Plus and FITE TV starting at 8/7C!

Featured below are the IMPACT Turning Point 2020 LIVE pay-per-view results for Saturday, November 14 2020, written by's most popular female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow me on Twitter @JamieRush312.

IMPACT Turning Point 2020 Results

Eddie Edwards vs. Daivari

Our first match of the evening kicks off tonight's IMPACT TUrning Point 2020 pay-per-view as our first competitor Eddie Edwards makes his way to the ring for the first match-up of the evening. Out next is Daivari as he makes his way to the ring where Edwards stands in wait. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and our first match is officially underway!

Edwards and Daivari both make their way into the center of the ring and we get several locks and holds to start things off. Daivari knocks Edwards to ringside. Edwards quickly returns to the ring where Daivari is ready with more locks and holds.

The match spills out to ringside momentarily, but they make their way back inside the ring where Daivari is in clear control of the match. Daivari makes his way to the top turnbuckle and hits a Hurricanrana. He quickly follows with a cover, though Edwards kicks out at the two. Edwards removes his elbow pad and takes to several strikes at Daivari.

Edwards hits his finisher with The Boston Knee Party for the three count pin and win in this first match up of the evening!

Winner: Eddie Edwards

After the Match

Edwards celebrates his victory as we head into replays from the match-up.

Jordynne Grace & Tenille Dashwood vs. Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie

Out first is Tenille Dashwood as she is introduced by Caleb. Jordynne Grace is out next as she makes her way to the ring to join her partner, Dashwood, as they await their opponents. Out next is Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie! The referee signals for the bell, and our second match is officially underway! Tenille and Rosemary start the match off for their respective teams. A little back and forth action in the ring until Taya and Grace are tagged in just barely after the match starts. The two are locked up with holds.

Winner: Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie

Backstage - Cody Deaner and Cousin Jake

We head backstage where Cousin Jake walks up to Cody Deaner and states, "Awesome news!" Deaner looks visibly upset. Finally, Cody Deaner looks to Cousin Jake and asks, "You're my cousin right? You have my back right?" Cousin Jake nods in agreement. Deaner then asks how he loses to Johnny freakin' Swinger. "I messed up, I messed up and I'm sorry." He apologizes, saying it's not his fault. "I'm accused of murder, and a career low, I lose to Johnny Swinger!" Cousin Jake states he has an idea. They have to find Johnny Swinger. "Okay?" Deaner seems confused. They're going to redeem their family name! Dirty Deener and Cousin Jake head out to look for Johnny Swinger.

Brian Myers vs. Swoggle

Out first, from Queens, NY is Brian Myers as he makes his way to the stage wearing a full mask that he removes as he makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring to await his opponent. Out next is Swoggle, as commentary notes that his book, "Life is Short" is available on Amazon (rush over for your copy after the show!) as Swoggle makes his way into the ring.

The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings. Myers suggests Swoggle lay down in defeat. Swoggle strikes and the match is officially underway! Swoggle flies out of the ring into Myers and the match continues at ringside. As Swoggle re-enters the ring where Myers warns him to just stay on the outside, Myers Stomps Swoggle multiple times as he states, "You're not even a wrestler!" Myers firmly in control as he gets a Face Lock on Swoggle.

Swoggle shakes his finger at Myers, Swoggle makes his way back to his feet. Swoggle gets under Myers and hits a German Suplex! Swoggle Slaps Myers. Swoggle has Myers down! Swoggle looks like he might actually be a challenge for Myers! Swoggle almost gets counted out but makes his way back into the ring. Myers is now bad mouthing him as he beats him down inside the ring. Myers continues to dominate Swoggle with stomps and holds as the match continues.

Myers once again begins talking more trash to Swoggle, Swoggle connects with a Back Suplex on Myers. Swoggle hits the Cutter to hit him with the Tadpole Splash but is cutoff when Myers gets back up. Swoggle ends up biting Myer’s leg and finally connects with the Tadpole Splash. Myers kicks out at two. Myers finally hits his signature Clothesline for the three count pin and win.

Winner: Myers

Chris Sabin & James Storm vs. Team XXXL

For our next match up, XXXL make their way out as they head to the ring. Out next is their opponents, Sabin & Storm. The referee signals for the bell and our next match is officially underway!

Larry D is pulled from the ring. Storm makes his way into the ring. Sabin is at the opposing side of the ring. Larry D with a kick to the ribs of Chris Sabin. Larry D sits on Sabin's back. Sabin is sent to ringside. Sabin looks to his partner as he desperately needs to get the tag. Storm extends his hand looking for the tag as well. AC tags in Larry D. Larry throws Sabin to the canvas. Larry looks to strike Storm off the apron but misses. Storm tries to enter the ring, the referee steps between, sending Storm back to the outside. AC tags back in. Sabin only inches away from the tag, AC pulls him back in. AC makes the tag to Larry D. Finally Sabin is able to make the tag!

Storm comes in hot, hits a Clothesline, following up with a Flying Forearm. Neckbreaker by Storm. AC breaks things up. Sabin comes flying off the top with a Crossbody to take out AC! Storm and Larry the legal men in! Storm gets an assist to fly out of the ring by Sabin. Sabin then flies over the opposite rope on his own. Then another flying move over the top rope by Storm. Tornado DDT, Larry kicks out at two!

Step Up Enzuguri, Larry D makes the tag to AC. AC gets the cover on Sabin. Sabin is able to kick out at two! Larry D takes it to Storm! Code Breaker by Storm! Sabin with a Step Up Kick, Superkick by Storm. Sabin gets the cover for the three count pin and win!

Winners: Chris Sabin & James Storm

After the Match

We head into replays as the victors celebrate inside the ring signaling that their going to go get a few beers.

Backstage - Deaner and Cousin Jake

Cousin Jake and Cody Deaner are making their way down the halls looking for Swinger. They open a door and look in, nothing. Open another door, and a lady screams, calling them "CREEPS!" They continue on and happen to see the luggage of Swinger (how convenient!) Deaner and Jake begin to look through the bag where they find a handgun! Who did shoot Johnny Bravo? Hmmm....

X-Division Championship Defeat Rohit Challenge
Rohit Raju vs. TBD

We see Rohit Raju make his way to the ring as his music sounds in the arena. Raju enters the ring and is handed a microphone. "It is time for another 'Defeat Rohit" challenge!" Raju announces as he grabs the mic! He notes that this is an open challenge, except for TJ. Music sounds for Cody Deaner! Cody Deaner makes his way down the ramp, accompanied by Cousin Jake!

Cousin Jake accepts the challenge! The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and this match is officially underway! Rohit starts off with several big shots to begin the match. Deaner is rocked for a moment as Raju looks for a Cross-face on Cousin Jake! Cousin Jake gets nearfall after nearfall on Raju. Commentary notes that Cousin Jake might just get the win, which is odd as this isn't who you would normally expect to be the face of the division! Cousin Jake lifts Rohit to the top turnbuckle, then follows him to the top. Jake wraps Rohits arm around his shoulder, Rohit shoves Cousin Jake back to the mat, then rolls through. A Knee then another Knee on Cousin Jake for the cover getting the three count pin and win!

Winner: Rohit Raju

After the Match

As Rohit makes his way up the ramp with his title, we see two men come out, one wearing a cowboy hat. Commentary notes that it's none other than Eric Young, and Joe Doering who makes his debut, as they make their way to the ring and almost slam Deaner through the canvas! Both Deaner and Cousin Jake are laid out inside the ring as Eric Young and Joe Doering make their way back up the ramp and mumble something back and forth before exiting to backstage area.

Backstage Promo - The Good Brothers

They note they have held titles multiple times, but they have yet to hold the tag-team championships. "I've said it before, and I'll say it again... the Good Brothers have big ass guns on big ass mantels and we will win tonight!"

Quick Announcement

Moose vs. Willie Mack in a one-on-one match-up when we return to the ring!

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Moose vs. Willie Mack

Out first is the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Moose! Moose makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring wearing a robe with his name down the chest. Moose removes his robe as his challenger's music sounds. Willie Mack makes his way to the stage and stares down at Moose before making his way down the ramp and joining his opponent in the ring. A determined look on his face as commentary notes that Mack doesn't have his normal happy go lucky expression on his face as he's all business tonight!

The referee signals for the bell and this match is officially underway! The two trade shots immediately to kick things off! Willie gets the better of Moose to start things off. Moose slips through the ropes and falls to the outside. Willie with a big Kick on Moose. Moose takes the ankles away from Willie on the apron, dropping Mack to the outside of the ring. Moose pushes his foot into the forehead of Willie Mack! "This is what PAIN feels like!" Moose shouts into the camera!

Moose once again shoves his foot into the face of Willie Mack! Willie connects with a Forearm then a Boot as he picks up the pace in this match! Moose is down in the corner! A Big Right Hand by Willie Mack, Moose's legs are shaky. Moose catches Willie and slams him to the canvas! Moose again lifts him and slams him to the canvas like a ragdoll! Willie's body actually bounces back off the canvas as he's thrown so hard! Moose shakes his hand off after a Hard Right! Moose tells Willie to tell the locker room what pain feels like as he strikes Willie across the face.

Something wakes up inside Willie as his eyes widen after that blow! Back and forth blows quickly follow. Willie with a Clothesline, Moose still on his feet. Willie again with a Clothesline, Moose still on his feet. Spinning Kick by Willie finally takes Moose off his feet! Willie climbs to the second turnbuckle, then to the top, Moose meets him with a strike, then joins him on the top! Moose with a Superplex! Willie Mack is DOWN!

The referee begins a count as both men are down! Moose back to his feet shouting, "Get up!" Willie attempts to get back to his feet as Moose is crouched down in the corner. Willie turns around, and side steps a Spear attempt just in time! Willie Mack jumps up and hits the Standing Moonsault for the cover! Moose kicks out! Shocking that either man is even getting up! Willie and Moose back to their feet. Moose hits a Back Elbow, Willie counters. Moose off the ropes, hits a Spear on Willie Mack!

Moose nods and climbs on Willie and begins throwing shots, a referee stoppage as Willie isn't defending himself!

Winner By Stoppage: Moose!

After the Match

Moose continues to deliver blows to WIllie Mack inside the ring, the referee REVERSES his decision and calls the match!


Backstage -

Eddie Edwards states he has the back of Rich Swan

Quick Announcement

The North vs. The Good Brothers is up next!

The Good Brothers vs. The North

Turning Point continues with this one-fall match, introducing the opponents first, Karl Anderson and Scott Gallows representing The Good Brothers make their way to the ring as their music sounds in the arena! Out next are The North members Ethan Page and Josh Alexander! The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and this match is officially underway!

Commentary notes that Talk N Shop-A-mania II was last night and it was horrible to watch... in a good way. Elbow after Elbow after Elbow! The Machine Gun Karl Anderson tags in and heads in on Page! Alexander looks for a cheap shot, Anderson sees it coming! Page throws Anderson back into the ring. Page shoves his knee into the neck of Anderson. Page tags in Alexander as he slams the knee of Gallows into the mat.

Alexander and Page double team Anderson in their corner. Anderson fires back and Page makes the tag! A cover and a kick out by Anderson. The North having a good time at the expense of Karl Anderson as they shove him into the bottom rope and smile as if posing for a picture! Page tags in and Gallows tries to build the momentum of Anderson! Alexander and Gallows both tag in! Gallows takes out both members of the North and the pace immediately picks up! Gallows gets the cover, a kick out at two. Page pulls Anderson off the apron.

Gallows has to take on both members of The North who double team Gallows! Gallows still kicks out at two! Finally, Anderson is ready as he tags in! Good Brothers look to double team, but Page steps in! A flurry ensues by both teams! Anderson in the ring as Page tags in. Page off the ropes with a Spine Buster! Gun Stun by Karl Anderson! Locked and Loaded, Gallows gets the cover! Three count pin and win!

Winners and NEW Impact World Tag-Team Champions: The Good Brothers!

After the Match

Anderson and Gallows both have their hand raised high as they are handed their tag-team championship belts! LG is given a shot of their new whiskey brand as Anderson puts his belt on! LG and Anderson pose with their new title belts!

No Disqualification Impact Knockouts Championship Match
Su Yung vs. Deonna Purrazzo

For this No Disqualification Impact Knockouts Championship Match, we have Deonna Purrazzo make her way out first, as her music sounds. Purrazzo makes her way down to the ring to await her opponent. Out next is Purrazzo's opponent, Su Yung. Yung makes her way down the ramp and enters the ring where Purrazzo heads in quickly.

Deonna tries to get the jump on Su Yung before the bell even rings to start the match! A few good Forearms by Purrazzo! Back Elbow for the counter by Yung! Commentary notes they don't have to get back in the ring at anytime, as this is a No Disqualification match! Su Yung has the blood stained glove that she attempts to shove down Purrazzo's throat! Palm Strike! Su off the ropes, Purrazzo counters with a DDT! Paradise Lock to lock up Su by Purrazzo to evade Su's attempt to shove that nasty glove down her throat! A kendo stick is thrown in the ring by Su.

Purrazzo throws in a trash can lid, a chair, and a kendo stick as she tries to dig deep in her dark place for this match up. Su blocks the steel chair. Purrazzo puts on the breaks as Su gets a Waist Lock. Standing Switch followed by a German Suplex by Purrazzo. Su connects with the kendo stick, then rolls to the outside. Deonna follows Su to the outside of the ring! Deonna runs Su into the ring post on the outside!

As Purrazzo pulls Su Yung from beneath the ring, Su has a rope in her hand. Deonna rolls back into the ring as Su Yung goes under the rope and throws in a Baking Sheet. Purrazzo slams Su to the mat then grabs the kendo stick. Purrazzo connects with the kendo stick multiple times. Su runs Purrazzo through the steel chair that Purrazzo set up in the corner of the ring earlier in the match.

Both women look worse for wear as they struggle to get back to their feet inside the ring. Striking blows back and forth. Purrazzo is able to take Su back down to her knees. Su with the baking sheet several blows! The match spills back out to ringside. Purrazzo begins to crawl up the ramp. Pedigree by Su Yung! Su Yung drags Purrazzo back to the ring, throwing her under the bottom rope. Su goes for the pin, getting the two count.

Su Yung argues with the referee as she grabs him and shoves him into the corner (not a disqualification shoving a bloody glove into the referee's face? hmmm...) Purrazzo uses the frame as a blocker, then a weapon on Su Yung. Purrazzo has Su Yung's head inside of the folded steel chair. Deonna shouts "Do your job!" as she climbs to the top. The referee lifts Su's hand once, then twice, the third time, Su keeps her hand up. As Purrazzo comes flying off the top, Su catches Purrazzo with the bloody glove in a Mandible Claw! Purrazzo looks to be fading, Su Yung grabs the rope and wraps it around Purrazzo who is quickly fading. Purrazzo hits Cosa Nostra for the three count pin and win!

Winner and NEW Knockouts Champion: Deonna Purrazzo

After the Match

Deonna Purrazzo snatches the Knockouts Championship Belt away from the referee as her music sounds in the arena. Purrazzo holds the belt closely to her chest as she stands in the ring, looking spent but victorious!

IMPACT World Wrestling Title Match
Sami Callihan vs. Rich Swann

Out first for this main event match up is Sami Callihan as his music sounds in the arena. Sami grabs the camera and shoves it away as he enters the ring. Sami steps to ringside as Rich Swann's music sounds and Swann shimmies and shakes his way down the ramp, continuing to dance inside the ring as Sami shakes his head, not impressed, on the outside. The music ends and Sami re-enters the ring as the referee signals for the bell.

The bell rings and our main event match-up for the IMPACT World Championship is officially underway!! Fast-paced action to kick off this match up! Swann gets Sami down and delivers several Stomps to the body and head of Sami until the ref warns him, Swann puts his hands up in retreat, stepping away. Both men back to their feet, Swann again gets the better of Sami who rolls out of the ring. Trash talk back and forth as Sami goes to re-entering the ring but quickly retreats as Swann runs at him.

Again Sami attempts to enter the ring, as Swann comes toward him, again Sami exits the ring. Swann decides to follow him to the outside as the match spills out of the ring to ringside. Sami throws Swann flying into the steel stairs. Sami rolls in and rolls back out to re-start the referee's count. Sami looks for a Powerbomb, Swann grabs the ropes and steps up onto the apron, Swann counters with a Boot then Somersaults onto Sami on the outside of the ring, then assists him back into the ring as the referee is at the count of four.

Swann with a hard right as Sami is sitting inside the ring, Sami asks, "Thank you, can I have another??" with a smile on his face. Swann off the top, lands hard on his right leg, quickly bouncing on one foot. Sami rolls Swann back into the ring. Sami focuses on the knee of Swann. Sami asks Swann to kick him again, and again. Sami says, "Thank you" once again as he heads in at Swann in the corner of the ring. "Go ahead, take a shot!" Swann complies. Sami says, "ONE. MORE." Swan again complies as he Headbutts Sami! More back and forth action.

Sami gets a hold over the face of Swann to cut his oxygen supply. Swann with multiple kicks and a Roundhouse Kick followed by a little Rolling Thunder for the cover. Sami kicks out at two. Rich sits up, looking exhausted as he returns to his feet. and limps to the corner. Swann runs and with a cartwheel and a flip lands in a cover on Sami who immediately kicks out. Sami then flurries and goes after Swann. Sami grabs Swann who holds on tight to the top rope. Sami pulls at Swann again who refuses to let go. Sami instead Chops the throat of Swann. Swann has Sami laid out.

Swann climbs to the top turnbuckle, looking for the Phoenix Splash. Sami counters a Sliced Bread attempt, carrying Swann upside down to the center of the ring and going for a Tombstone Pile Driver dropping Rich on his head for a cover! Rich kicks out at two! Sami shakes head and shouts, "NO!" Sami heads to the outside as Swann rolls to the apron on the outside of the ropes. Back in the ring after a near double-count out. Swann looks disgusted at Sami who looks like he's out. "I'm the champion boy..."

Sami looks to be knocked out as the referee lifts his arm and it drops. Swann grabs Sami and assists him half way to a standing position when Sami hits a Clothesline that turns Swann inside out!

Ken Shammrock Heads Out

Shammrock makes his way down the ramp.

Eddie Edwards Runs Out Too

Eddie Edwards runs down and blocks Shammrock, sending him over the barricade.

Sami grabs Swann who is watching this from the corner of the ring. Rich and Sami looking at one another, Swann with a Roundhouse Kick to the face of Sami. Sami is on his knees staggering. A Superkick for the cover and the three count pin and win!

Winner and STILL IMPACT World Champion: Rich Swann

After the Match

Swann is handed his title as he stands and says to the camera, "Oh yea... World Champion!" as his music plays us out!

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