IMPACT Was Reportedly Initially Upset at AEW For Sammy Guevara Incident

-- The situation last week with Sammy Guevara being pulled off the IMPACT tapings was discussed in more detail in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The report notes that Guevara was supposed to win three matches as already agreed to by Chris Jericho and Don Callis, but he ended up trying to pitch a new direction in which he would win the X-Division title and then return to AEW, after which IMPACT would simply hold a tournament to crown a new winner with Guevara never actually dropping the belt back. The Observer reports that while things have since been smoothed over, IMPACT initially was “really mad” at AEW for sending talent over, agreeing to a set creative and then having the talent not want to follow through with the plans. At this point, Guevara is not expected to show up on IMPACT but the two sides claim this has not hurt their relationship and the promotions will continue to work together. The short-term plan for Guevara is to return to AEW as a babyface and feud with the Inner Circle.