IMPACT! Wrestling on AXS TV Report (11/17/2022)

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We open up with footage of everything leading to tonight's Over Drive PPV eve!

X-Division Tournament Semi-Final: Black Taurus vs PJ Black

They noted this is a first-time ever bout.  They go back and forth before facing off.  They battled to the floor, where Black drilled him to the floor with his knees.  Taurus was almost counted out but Crazzy Steve roused him.  Taurus returned to the ring but was stomped hard by Black.  Black missed a moounssault, allowing Taurus to go on the offensive.  Taurus scored a two count with a powerslam.  He nailed a clothesline and a slingblade for a two count.  He nailed a big Samoan Drop for another two count.  Black came back with a Meteroa and then a double stomp off the top for a two count.  Black nailed a Spanish Fly for another two count.    They battle until they nail a double clothesline and battle their way back to their feet.  They chop away at each other.   Taurus finally nails Destination Hellhole for the pin.

Your winner, Black Taurus!

It's Taurus vs. Trey Miguel at the PPV.

There is a backstage contract signing with Impact Champion Josh Alexander and challenger Frankie Kazarian, accompanied by their families.  Scott D'Amore is presiding over the proceedings.  Josh says he grew up admiring Frankie and he's as impressive as ever.  He's looking forward to the match.  Frankie says that he's looking forward to it as well and respect Josh but that's not going to stop him from taking the title.  Josh says he wouldn't have it any other way but that's not goin to happen.  Franbkie says he respects Josh's confidence but there will be disappointments down the road and there will be one Friday.  Josh's wife says that Frankie needs to prepare for Josh to remain champion.  Traci Brooks, Frankie's wife, takes issue with that and Kazarian leaves upset, saying we'll do this tomorrow.

Backstage, Kazarian approaches Alexander.  He says that tensions are high but man to man, he wants Josh to know he respects the hell out of him.  Bully Ray approaches them both and says no matter who woins, he's going to be coming but they will know when he is.  Kazarian says no matter what, he's not trusting him.  Bully tells him good luck and smirks, walking off.  Kazarian tells Josh not to trust him and Josh asks why does everyone expect him to trust his opponent - he doesn't trust anyone he fights.  Kazarian tells him to due his due dilligence and talk to Tommy Dreamer, but then again, after tomorrow, it's not going to matter.

Shera & Raj Singh vs. Aussie Open vs. Ace Austin & Chris Bey vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Mark Fletcher and Ace Austin started out going back and forth.  Chris Bey tagged in and he and Ace double-teamed him. Shea and Singh took control on Austin with Shera mauling Austin.  Sabin finally made a tag and nailed a big missile dropkick.  The Guns worked over Singh and began whipping out their synchronized tag team maneuvers.  Austin got involved but was hit with a cutter. Bey got involved.  They battled him off.  The Guns avoided a double chokeslam but Shera runs through them.  Aussie Open nailed a double superkick.    The Guns run Open into each other.  Austin clears the ring.  Mark Davis shows some impressive strength.  They go into a series of big dives to the floor.  Bullet Club score the win with the Ultimate Finnese and The Fold.

Your winners, Bullet Club!

Backstage, The Death Dollz wonder where Jessicka is.  Taya says she hasn't seen her for a week, since she suggested she get a drink.  She said she saw her on a TikTok and things "don't look good."  Taya spoke to Gail Kim and she can take Jessicka's place tonight but she is sure Jessicka will be there tomorrow at the PPV.  Rosemary says she better be.

Backstage, Jordynne Grace says Masha Slamovich has learned nothing since she lost at Bound for Glory.  She attacked her after a match but the Last Knockout Standing will be her.

Tasha Steelz with Savannah Evans vs. Taya Valkyrie with Rosemary.

They battled back and forth.  Steelz drilled down with forearms. She went for the Blackout but Taya escaped and then avoided a pump kick.  Taya surprised Steelz with a rollup combination.

Youe winner, Taya!

Tasha attacked Taya.  Rosemary went to help but Savannah attacked.  Jessicka hits the ring, wearing the signs that she's been lost on the Vegas Strip forever, clearing the ring for the save.

Josh Alexander comes up to Tommy Dreamer.  Dreamer guarantees that Bully has changed.  He said when you get older, you forgive and even Beulah has forgiven Bully for breaking her neck.

Backstage, Trey Miguel said that his next match is for the X-Division title and he intends to take back what it is.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Steve Maclin: Old School Rules.

Dreamer controls the match early and nails the Cactus Clothesline over the top to the floor.  Dreamer nailed him with the cookie sheets. He then pulled up the protective mats at ringside.  Dreamer took a fan's drink and nailed him with it.  Maclin, not the fan.  Maclin avoided a piledriver and slammed Dreamer into the ring post.  Maclin nailed the Cactus elbow off the apron to the floor.    Back in the ring, Maclin worked over Dreamer and cinched in a rear chinlock.  Maclin went to the floor and tossed some chairs into the ring.  Dreaner made a comeback and was placed into a sitting position in a chair.  Dreamer nailed a bodypress onto him.  Dreamer missed an elbow off the ropes, crashing into a chair.  Maclin nailed Dreamer over and over with a Singapore Cane.  Dreamer used the cane as a Russian Leg Sweep.  Maclin nailed an Olympic Slam for a two count but Dreamer used the Cane to choke Maclin.  Maclin escaped to the floor.  Dreamer grabbed a trash can and tossed it at Maclin's head.    He misted Maclin and nailed a Cutter for a two cout.  Dreamer pulled a table out and a fan helped him put it into the ring.  Dreamer prepared to hit a DVDR but was caught and sent into the trash can.  Maclin nailed the KIA and scored the pin.

Your winner, Steve Maclin!

Maclin grabs a steel chair but Bully Ray makes the save.  Moose attacks Bully.  Josh Alexander hits the ring and saves Bully. Josh helps Bully up.  They put Maclin through a table.  Bully hands him the World title belt.  Josh handed him the trophy.

Gia Miller interviews Masha who responds in Russian with subtitles on the screen.  She said she doesn't understand how she's beaten almost everyone over the last year but is getting asked about a single loss.  It doesn't matter where she has been.  She promises DEATH tomorrow.    Masha was awesome here.

Laredo Kid vs. Rich Swann

Some really entertaining wrestling early on.  Laredo nailed a big dive to the floor and a Michinoku Driver.  He scored with a series of moonsaults off the corner.  Swann came back with a big German suplex.  Laredo nailed a big frog splash for a two count.  They battled in the corner with Swann placed on the ropes.  Swann fought his way out and nailed a handspring cutter, then hit a 450 splash off the top for the pin.

Your winner, Rich Swann!

Mickie James asked Taylor Wilde why she came out and helped last week when Mickie told her not to.  Taylor said she didn't want her career to end because of interference and she wanted her to have a fair chance against her at the PPV, because she could be the one to end Mickie's career.  Taylor walked off.

They aired a video feature on Kazarian vs. Alexander.

Death Machine’s Double Jeopardy Match - Eric Young vs Sami Callihan.

Before the match, Callihan was attacked and destroyed by Violence by Design.  The story is that since Callihan is bleeding, he can be pinned or submitted.  They battle outside the ring with Callihan fighting from underneath.  Callihan was worked over for some time but enjoyed getting beat down.  They fought back and forth on the apron and ripped at each others' eyes.  Callihan bit at Young's forehead and nailed a DVDR on the apron outside.  The crowd chanted "Death Machine."  Young was busted open.  That means he was now in jeopardy of being pinned.

They battled on the floor, using the ring post on each other.  Callihan backdropped Young, who was going for a piledriver.  He tossed some weapons in but Young used them on Sami and locked on a leg submission.  Callihan escaped and turned it into a figure four.  Young broke it and they drilled each other with headbutts.  They drilled each other with big right hands.  Young nailed a piledriver for a two count.  Callihan came back and nailed the Cactus Piledriver for the pin.

Your winner, Sami Callihan!

The other members of VBD came to the ring and stood over Young as if they were ready to turn on him.