IMPACT Wrestling On AXS TV Results (7/29/2021): Skyway Studios, Nashville, TN.

IMPACT Wrestling returns on AXS TV this evening with the latest edition of their weekly television program from the IMPACT Zone at Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.

On tap for tonight's show is Moose vs. Chris Sabin, Jay White & Chris Bey vs. The Good Brothers, Taylor Wilde vs. Kaleb With A K, Violent By Design vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack, as well as No Way, Fallah Bahh & FinJuice vs. Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, Rohit Raju & Shera.

Featured below are complete IMPACT Wrestling results from Thursday, July 29, 2021.


The Before The Impact pre-show sees Steve Maclin and Trey Miguel end in a double count-out and then a post-match beatdown from Maclin to Miguel that almost got dark until Petey Williams ran out to make the save. Security breaks up Petey and Steve to end BTI.

From there we go to the opening video package for this week's IMPACT On AXS, which shows footage from last week's show, such as Jay White's offer to Chris Bey and the set up to their match against The Good Brothers at tonight's show.

Gia Miller Talks To Scott D'Amore & Tommy Dreamer

After that we get a live cold open with Gia Miller standing outside Scott D'Amore's locker room. She brings up rumors of something big being in the works for tonight. She asks D'Amore about these rumors and he says she knows how these things go. He points out some of the big things advertised for tonight and then addresses being behind closed doors today in meetings.

Up walks Tommy Dreamer who interupts D'Amore and brings up how they still don't have a number one contender for Kenny Omega. D'Amore thanks Dreamer for the reminder and asks him to take care of it. He says he's got this as D'Amore walks away on an important phone call.

The Good Brothers vs. Jay White & Chris Bey

Now we shoot inside the Impact Zone where Matt Striker and D'Lo Brown welcome us to the show on commentary. We hear the familiar sounds of The Good Brothers' theme and out come the IMPACT Tag-Team Champions.

As Gallows and Anderson make their way down to the ring, the commentators speculate about who D'Amore was just on the phone with. As they settle in the ring, their music fades down.

The theme for Chris Bey hits and out he comes. The fans chant his name and then he stops half way down the entrance ramp. He waits as the theme for his partner for tonight, The Bullet Club's own Jay White, hits.

Bey and White head to the ring as Striker and Brown tout the in-ring debut for White here in this non-title match opener on this week's IMPACT on AXS TV.

We hear the bell and it will be White and Anderson kicking things off inside the ring for their respective teams. We see White take Anderson down and vice versa. White taunts Anderson and then backs him in a corner and blasts him with a back elbow before going to work on him with follow-up punches and a loud chop that echos throughout the building.

White whips Anderson into the opposing corner and catches him coming out with a nice back elbow before tagging Bey into the ring. Bey picks up where White left off, taking it to Anderson. Bey hits a nice dropkick on Anderson for a near fall.

Now the big man tags in, as Gallows comes in and starts to go to work on Bey. They dominate Bey for quite a while and then after taking White out of the picture, Gallows hits a big chokeslam on Bey and then tags in Anderson, where the two hit their big double team finisher to pick up the pin fall victory.

Winners: The Good Brothers

Backstage: Fire 'N' Flava, Fallah Bahh

We return from the commercial break to Fire 'N' Flava backstage talking about losing their tag-team titles but vowing to get them back when in walks Fallah Bahh who asks to be Tasha Steelz' partner in the mixed tag tournament at IMPACT Homecoming.

Kaleb With A K vs. Taylor Wilde

From there we head back inside the Impact Zone where Kaleb With A K makes his way down to the ring accompanied by Tenille Dashwood.

As they settle in the ring for Kaleb's one-on-one match next here on IMPACT On AXS, their music fades down. Now the theme for his opponent plays and out comes Taylor Wilde.

Wilde settles in the ring and her music dies down. The bell sounds and we're off-and-running with our second bout of the evening. Kaleb takes Wilde down early and acts like it's a big accomplishment. He then shoves her and taunts her, which prompts her to fire up and blast him with leg kicks.

Ultimately Kaleb muscles Wilde up and slams her down for a near fall. The fans jump on his case with loud boos as her taunts Wilde and controls her with a rear chin lock as the fans try to rally behind her. Dashwood taunts Wilde from ringside as she tries to get back up.

Kaleb tries to squash Wilde on the ropes but she moves and he crotches himself. Wilde fires up and starts to take over control of the action. Kaleb gets caught trying to cheat by the referee and then the action continues with Wilde hitting a crazy tornado DDT on Kaleb on the floor.

She rolls him back in the ring and gets momentarily distracted by the trash-talking Dashwood at ringside. Back in the ring Wilde hits a crazy backwards hurricanrana on Kaleb and then a suplex into a bridge pin for the victory.

Winner: Taylor Wilde

Backstage: Chris Bey & Jay White Talk Bullet Club

We shoot backstage at Chris Bey and Jay White are seen standing around. Bey takes the blame for the loss and says he didn't expect his first Bullet Club match to be a loss. White tells him he's not in the Bullet Club yet but he has an idea on how he can redeem himself. The two walk off and continue talking as we head to another commercial break.

Backstage: Josh Alexander & Scott D'Amore

We return from the break to see Josh Alexander. He talks about his defense of the X-Division Championship in the Ultimate X match at Slammiversary and his Iron Man match. He brings up his claim of becoming the face of IMPACT but says he can't do that while on the sidelines. Scott D'Amore comes in and announces an X-Division Championship match for Homecoming.

Backstage: Gia Miller Talks To Deonna Purrazzo

From there we head to Gia Miller who is standing by with Deonna Purrazzo. She asks if she is taking on too much lately when bringing up her upcoming title defenses and NWA Empowerrr booking. "The Virtuosa" takes exception to that and asks if she would ask Kenny Omega that and then mentions upping her training game and brings in the Invicta FC Atomweight Champion to prove she is taking it serious.

She quickly kills rumors of potentially fighting in MMA. The Invicta fighter gives praise to Purrazzo and then Purrazzo announces she has entered herself in the upcoming tag-team tournament, but doesn't reveal who her partner is.

No Way, Fallah Bahh & FinJuice vs. Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, Rohit Raju & Shera

We head back inside the Impact Zone and the upbeat theme music brings out the team of No Way, Fallah Bahh and FinJuice for our next match of the evening.

As they settle into the squared circle for this big eight-man tag-team contest, we head to a pre-match commercial break. When we return the team finishes their ring entrance.

From there, the music for their opponents hits and out comes the four-man squad of Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, Rohit Raju and Shera. The bell sounds and we are off-and-running with our next match of the show.

Bahh and Fulton kick things off for their respective teams. The crowd is strongly behind Bahh, who has some trouble with Fulton early on but eventually gets the better of him and then tags out.

We see some quick back-and-forth tags and then Bahh comes back in as the legal man again. We see a big splash spot from Bahh to Fulton in the corner after he was whipped in by his fellow teammates.

Austin tags in for his team and takes over control of the offense, taking it to Bahh as the fans in the Impact Zone try and rally him back into the match. Bahh eventually buys himself some time with a big butt splash.

Finlay and Raju tag in for their respective teams, however it is one-half of the FinJuice tag-team that pulls ahead into the offensive lead, taking it to any-and-everyone in sight as multiple people hit the ring. Eventually Shera hits the ring and helps Raju take over control of things until FinJuice join forces to clear the ring of Shera.

This leaves Raju alone in the ring but in comes No Way who takes it to him with a big shot. Fulton comes in and he and No Way go back-and-forth with the Madman getting the better of the exchange. Bahh hits the ring and picks him up but Austin sneaks in a super kick.

Ace and Fulton fight with Bahh, who clears the ring of Fulton but then Austin fires up and knocks him out of the ring, following up with a twisting dive over the top rope that results in him splashing onto everyone on the floor.

Back in the ring, Raju and Finlay duke it out in a quick back-and-forth exchange, which Finlay ends up getting the better of. He hits his finisher and scores the pin fall to give his team the victory.

Winners: No Way, Fallah Bahh & FinJuice

Backstage: Gia Miller Talks To Don Callis, Kenny Omega & Tommy Dreamer

We shoot backstage and Gia Miller is standing outside the locker room of the IMPACT Champion Kenny Omega. She knocks on the door and out comes Don Callis.

Callis mocks the fans of IMPACT being from country towns and says he's gonna make their dreams come true. He brings out Kenny Omega.

Omega asks what he's signing for Gia and then finds out she works here. As they continue to talk and gloat, finally up walks Tommy Dreamer.

He informs them that in two weeks there will be a battle royal to decide the next challenger for Omega's title. Callis and Omega blame this on Gia and then say they're going to the ring to give a piece of their minds. We head to a commercial break on that note.

Backstage: Jay White & Chris Bey Beat Down FinJuice

We return from the break and a big brawl breaks out backstage that sees Jay White and Chris Bey take out the duo of FinJuice -- David Finlay and Juice Robinson.

They leave them laying and then White gets in Finlay's face and says he'll never run from him anywhere or ever beat him again. He and Bey walk off and leave FinJuice laying.

The Elite Get Interrupted By Sami Callihan & Frankie Kazarian

From there, we shoot inside the Impact Zone where we hear the familiar sounds of the theme music of the IMPACT and AEW Champion Kenny Omega.

Omega emerges along with Don Callis and The Good Brothers. As The Elite group heads to the ring the fans in the IMPACT Zone get on Callis' case with "You got fired!" chants.

Callis reminds everyone that real men get fired they don't quit. He tells the marks to buy the shirts and then boasts about Omega leaving Sami Callihan bloodied and unconscious at Slammiversary. He also brings up The Good Brothers' win over Jay White and Chris Bey earlier tonight.

We hear Don go on to complain about Tommy Dreamer setting up a battle royal to determine his challenger and says he shouldn't have to defend the IMPACT title at IMPACT Emergence. He says Omega is a busy champ that makes Ric Flair look like a slacker.

As they continue to talk, they are cut off by the theme of Sami Callihan. Callihan asks Nashville how they're doing and then pardons himself for the interruption. He says he'll jump off a cliff if he's got to listen to The Elite any longer. He calls them a bunch of bitches and then the IMPACT Zone breaks out in a "bunch of bitches!" chant.

Callihan goes on to claim that he's gonna win the tournament set up by Dreamer and go on to recapture the title from Omega at IMPACT Emergence. He then announces next week it'll be he and two partners against The Good Brothers and Kenny Omega in six-man tag-team action. He tells them to watch their backs because they never know when he's coming.

From behind, Frankie Kazarian hits the ring and attacks The Elite. Callihan hits the ring to help run them off. Matt Striker on commentary claims that "The Elite Hunter" Frankie Kazarian was likely who Scott D'Amore was on the phone with earlier tonight. The fans chant "Welcome back!" to Frankie.

Backstage: Tommy Dreamer, Frankie Kazarian & Sami Callihan Talk Stategy

After this we shoot backstage and see Tommy Dreamer shaking hands and hugging Frankie Kazarian and Sami Callihan. Frankie says they need Dreamer to be their partner for the six man against Omega and The Good Brothers next week.

He says it's not his fight but whispers in their ears who it will be. Callihan claims that person will never go for it. Dreamer says he'll make it happen. We head to another commercial break.

Francine Turns Down Brian Myers Request

We return from the break to see Brian Myers talking about not having a partner for the tournament. He brings up comments from Tommy Dreamer and then says Raven gave him a good idea.

Sam Beale helped get Beulah McGillicutty's phone number. Myers finds out the number Beale got is the old ECW hotline number. He ends up finding the phone number of Francine. He video calls her and asks her to be his partner.

Francine brings up being his third choice after Beulah and Tenille. Francine says she doesn't think Myers is in her league, questions how he got the number and hangs up on her.

Myers says this is all Beale's fault. Beale says he thought this was a pre-taped interview and apologizes as Myers storms off.

Deaner & Rhino vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack

Deaner & Rhino vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack

From there we head back inside the IMPACT Zone where Violent By Design comes out, as Rhino and Deaner will be in tag-team action in our next match here on IMPACT.

As they settle into the ring their music dies down and then the upbeat entrance music of Rich Swann and Willie Mack hits. Their opponents come out to a nice reaction from the fans in the IMPACT Zone.

They hit the ring and the fight is on in this one before the bell even sounds to officially get this one underway. Swann and Mack clear the ring of Deaner and Rhino and then Swann hits a big dive to the floor to take them out as we head to a mid-match commercial break.

We return from the break to see Mack in control of the action in the ring. Violent by Design starts to take over the offense after some interference from VBD members on the floor. Rhino dominates things in the ring for a while and then Deaner tags back in, but finds himself on the receiving end up a beatdown from Mack.

Once again we see outside interference from VBD result in Deaner and Rhino taking back over in the ring. Mack hits a big Cutter on Rhino to slow down their momentum. Rhino fights back and hits a spear on Mack in the corner and then takes him to the top-rope. Mack headbutts himself free. Mack hits a Cutter and tags in Swann, who hits a 450 splash off the top for the pin and the win.

Winners: Rich Swann & Willie Mack

W. Morrissey Delivers A Message

We shoot to a backstage segment at Swingers Palace casino where we get a bunch of bad comedy to further the storylines heading into the upcoming tournament. W. Morrissey comes up and says after the hardcore match at Homecoming his opponent won't ever be coming home safe and sound. We head back to another commercial break after this wraps up.

Backstage: Gia Miller Talks To Eddie Edwards & Tommy Dreamer

We return from the break to see Gia Miller standing by with Eddie Edwards. He responds to the message from W. Morrissey and then up walks Tommy Dreamer.

Dreamer asks Edwards to be the third man to join Sami Callihan and Frankie Kazarian in the six-man tag-team match against The Elite trio of Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers on next week's show.

Edwards says he is apprehensive because of his past with Callihan. Dreamer assures him he'll beat Callihan's ass himself if he tries anything. Edwards agrees. Dreamer thanks him to end the segment.

Moose vs. Chris Sabin

We then head to the commentary section where Matt Striker and D'Lo Brown run down the lineup for next week's edition of IMPACT on AXS.

After that, we head back inside the IMPACT Zone where Moose's theme hits and he makes his way down to the ring for tonight's main event of the evening.

He settles in the ring as the fans chant his name. His theme dies down and then the entrance music for Chris Sabin plays and out comes the longtime IMPACT veteran.

When we return from the break we immediately hear the bell sound to get this week's headline bout off-and-running. Sabin charges across the ring and blasts Moose with a big kick to the legs which brings the big man down to the mat.

The commentators talk about this being a rematch from Slammiversary and how Sabin appears to be focusing on the legs of Moose in an attempt to keep his larger opposition grounded. It's working thus far as he cranks back on a single-leg submission.

Moose eventually escapes and rolls out to the ringside area to regroup as the fans chant his name. Sabin tries hitting a dive onto him from the ring but Moose catches him and slams him into the steel ringside steps. The fans chant his name again as he rolls back into the ring to break the count from the referee.

The big man controls the action for the next several minutes, dominating Sabin and then bringing the match back out to the ringside area on the floor. He quiets the crowd down and slaps the holy hell out of him. The fans ask him to do it again and when he attempts to oblige, Sabin bites at his fingers to start his fired up comeback.

Back in the ring, Sabin stays fired up and keeps a fast pace as he flies all over the ring and takes it to the big man. The fans break out in a split chant for both Moose and Sabin. Sabin punches away at Moose who asks if that's all he's got, so he mixes in some kicks that knocks the big man down.

Sabin climbs to the top but Moose runs up after him. Sabin again bites at Moose to free himself and knock the big man off the top. He comes flying off with a big DDT off the top-rope and goes for the cover, but somehow Moose manages to kick out before the count of three.

It looks like he's going for Cradle Shock but Moose rakes at the eyes of Sabin to avoid it. He then turns Sabin inside-out with a big spear and goes for the cover, picking up the victory in this week's main event via pin fall.

Winner: Moose

After The Match: The Brawl Continues ...

Once the match ends, Moose's theme plays and the fans chant his name. The brawl then picks up again as Sabin splashes onto Moose. Moose rolls out to the floor as his theme cuts off and Sabin splashes on him again from the ring. A ton of officials run out and break the two up. The fans chant "Let them fight!" as this week's show goes off the air. Thanks for joining us!


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