Impact Wrestling Results (1/12/21): Skyway Studio, Nashville, TN

Featured below are complete results of the January 12, 2021 edition of IMPACT Wrestling! The following report was written by's longest running female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow Jamie on Twitter @JamieRush312.

IMPACT Wrestling Results

Show Opening

Tonight's action kicks off as we head to the ring immediately. On commentary we have both Josh Matthew and Madison Rayne who welcome us to the show and run down some of the matches for this Saturday’s Hard To Kill pay-per-view.

Taya (w/ Rosemary) vs. Kimber Lee (w/ Deonna Purrazzo)

Taya goes right after her opponent, backing her into the corner with elbow shots and right hands. Kimber Lee rolls to the outside to catch her breath, Taya looks for a suicide dive to take her out, but she gets cut short on the apron with a knee.

Lee slows things down with a headlock, driving knees into the back. Taya is ridiculously flexible adding some much needed life to that age old hold. Taya fights free and delivers some stiff elbow strikes, tries for a splash in the corner but is caught with a boot. Clothesline.

Lee goes up to the top rope looking for the Swanton Bomb, but Taya gets her knees up. Both ladies crawl to opposite corners and take t heir time getting up, before meeting in the middle, swinging wildly with rights and lefts. Kimber tries for a shoulder tackle but Taya runs through her instead and scoops her up from a body slam.

Taya sneaks through the ropes into a sunset flip. Kim misses wildly with a kick and gets caught in the Romero Special, but Taya cuts the move short to stomp her opponent’s head into the mat instead. Deonna does some trash talking and Taya goes after her, allowing Lee to sneak up and deliver a German suplex for two.

Taya tosses her into the second turnbuckle and gets a running start with the double knees. Cover, one, two… Deonna puts her friend’s foot on the ropes to make the save. Rosemary goes after Deonna and chases her up the ramp, until Susan – the new business suit incarnation of Su Yung – comes out and attacks Rosemary. In the ring, Taya realizes what is happening and gets caught with a small package for the three-count.

Winner: Kimber Lee


Kenny Omega, Don Callis and the Good Brothers are in their tour bus backstage. They hype up Karl Anderson and tell him to bring the old “Machine Gun” to the ring tonight and finish their Rich Swann problem. Callis confirms they will be in Jacksonville for Dynamite this Wednesday.

"Paid Advertisement"

Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone appear in a “paid advertisement”. TK is wearing a really stupid looking pair of “2020” New Year’s glasses, which would make sense if it were not 2021. They run down all the great things IMPACT accomplished last year like the AEW World Champion being on their show, and AEW paying for their ads. Khan tells IMPACT to send whoever they want tomorrow night on a “real network”.

Chris Bey & Rohit Raju vs. Manik & Suicide

The referee has absolutely no control the start, standing there goes “one and one gues… one and one guys c’mon…” while all four guys brawl around the ring for several minutes. The masked stars get control and connect with stereo dropkicks, then follow with planchas over the ropes to the outside. Madison asks why no one is being counted out. Fair question. Let’s go to commercial.

Back from break as Manik and Suicide both do that thing where they stick in between the ropes. Bey doesn’t fall for it and decides to hit Manik with a dropkick to the gut while Rohit goes after Suicide and drags him into the heel corner. They start working him over with quick tags. Basic offense. Double ax handle. Back suplex. And then some not-so-basic offense like a moonsault dropkick from Bey. Dude makes it look totally effortless.

Manik gets tossed to the floor and Rohit dives off the apron to take him down again. Bey charges the corner but Suicide hits him with a shotgun dropkick. Modified body stretch locked in. Rohit tries to make the save but Manik slaps on the abdominel stretch. The heels lock hands to pull each other free.

Rohit starts in with Yes Kicks to Suicide. Bey with a Superman elbow. Rohit with a discuss elbow to Manik. Huge running knee strike. Instead of winning he goes after the mask, but Suicide kicks him in the face. Bey out of nowhere with a springboard cutter, the Art of Finesse, picking up the victory.

Winners: Chris Bey & Rohit Raju

Deaner (w/ Eric Young & Joe Doering) vs. Tommy Dreamer (w/ Cousin Jake & Rhino)

Dreamer and Deaner start throwing hands right away. They both hit the ropes, and we get trips from both sides on the outside. The referee is suddenly very concerned with the rules and ejects Doering and Rhino from ringside.

Back in the ring, Deaner drops some nasty looking knees to Tommy’s forehead before bashing him into the turnbuckle. He chokes him in the ropes and works the five-count, then gets in the ref’s face while EY gives Dreamer a cheap right hook on the floor. Rude.

Deaner to the top rope. He exchanges words with Cousin Jake and gets caught with a pair of boots on the way down. Dreamer tries to rally but is taken down with a lariat. Deaner gets in Jake’s face on the floor and continues to slap him until Jake finally snaps and sweeps him off the apron.

Winner: Deaner (via DQ)

After the Match

Doering and Rhino run back and we get a huge six-man brawl. The bad guys get the upper hand and Deaner hits a sick DDT on his own cousin. Young delivers a piledriver to Rhino.

Video Package

A video package recaps the entire Knockouts Tag Team Championship tournament. It’s Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz taking on Havok and Nevaeh this Saturday at Hard To Kill.


Backstage, Scott D’Amore is sitting down with both teams and the newly christened IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team title belts. Hogan and Steelz run their mouths for so long that Havok and Nevaeh eventually snap and choke them both up against the wall.

Brian Myers asks D’Amore who he has to beat to get an actually opportunity, running down all the people he’s beaten over the past few months. Like Swoggle. Josh Alexander comes up and wants to run back their last match, but Myers doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Tenille Dashwood (w/ Kaleb) vs. Rosemary

Before the match gets started Tenille again tries to convince her opponent to join up with her as a tag team, offering a handshake. Rosemark takes it, but pulls her in close and turns it into a wristlock. Short-arm clothesline. Rosemary tosses her across the ring, slowly picks her up, and does it again.

Tenille rolls outside and Rosemary immediately brings her back in, bouncing her head off the turnbuckle. Irish whip. Spinning side slam for two. Rosemary drops knees on her back and hits the ropes, but Kaleb trips her up. She grabs him by the hair but he sprays hairspray in her eyes. Tenille rolls her up, but surprisingly only gets a two-count account.

Tenille stays on top of her with hard elbow strikes. She complains that she has hairspray and makeup all over her hands, and takes it out on Rosemary by choking her in the ropes. Rosemary throws elbows but runs into a drop toehold in the second rope. Tenille gets her with a backbreaker in the ropes for another nearfall.

Rosemary rallies back with elbows and a lariat. She looks for the Upside Down in the ropes, but Tenille gets free and hits the running crossbody. Double underhook applied, Rosemary spins out, catches an elbow, shoots into the ropes and both women collide in the middle of the ring. Both down.

Rosemary hits the ropes with a series of shoulder tackles. Slingblade! She heads to the second and this time applies the Upside Down until the ref forces a break. Tenille with a thumb to the eyes after some over the top theatrics. Double underhook again, and this time she gets the DDT. Still not enough.

Tenille sets up for the Spotlight Kick. Rosemary catches it and hits a short-arm clothesline. She lines up for something in the corner, but Kaleb gets on the apron to distract her. Crazzy Steve pops up from out of nowhere and chases Kaleb around the ring and to the back. With the ref distracted, Rosemary sprays the hairspray in Tenille’s eyes, delivers a huge spear, and gets the win.

Winner: Rosemary

Backstage Promo

Rich Swann cuts a promo backstage calling out Karl Anderson. He talks about everyone being banned from ringside for their match tonight and getting the chance to whoop Anderson’s ass man-to-man for the first time. He wants “Machine Gun” to take his beating, then go back to the tour bus, crack a bear to ease the pain, and tell Kenny Omega the ass-beating he’s in for this Saturday’s night.

Moose vs. Matthew Palmer

Palmer strikes with dropkicks and backs the big man into the corner as soon as the bell rings. He connects with six running dropkicks in a row before Moose catches on and chops him down to his knees. Palmer tries to rally with chops and strikes but they just brush across Moose’s chest like it’s nothing. Moose sends him flying across the whole ring with almost no effort.

Moose continues to bully the poor guy for several minutes, stalking him around the ring. He keeps asking to be hit harder, laughing, so Palmer eventually rocks him with a knee strike. He heads to the top rope and hits a flying knee strike. He climbs back up and hits a third knee. Moose wobbles and falls to one knee, but hits the spear out of nowhere. He refuses to get the pin and just keeps punching Palmer in the face until the ref calls for the bell.

Winner: Moose

Video packages. Commercials. More video packages. The Twitch stream has run the Steiner Match promo twice this week. I never thought I would get sick of it but this is like the 8th week in a row they’ve done this and I never want to hear it again.

Rich Swann vs. Karl Anderson

Swann tries to lock up but Anderson takes a cheap shot and backs the champion into the corner with stiff right hands. Snapmare into knee strikes, before going after the eyes right in front of the referee. Swann rallies with hard right hands. He tries to fly off the second rope but Anderson catches him and whips him into the ring post. Commercial time.

Back from break, as Anderson drops Swann’s arm over the top rope. During the break he apparently worked on the shoulder and arm creating an injury, and continues to work on it, throwing the champ into the ring post and barricade. Back in the ring he slaps on a chickenwing. Swann of course refuses to quit and eventually rallies back, but Anderson breaks the hold to stomp on the shoulder and arm repeatedly.

Both men get to their feet, hit the ropes and collide in the middle of the ring with clotheslines. Omega and company are shown watching the match from the tour bus. Swann throws some desperate right hands and elbow strikes. Anderson responds with elbows of his own. Swann lets out a scream and tries for a spinning heel hook, but gets caught on the jaw with a boot.

Anderson hits the ropes, tries for a roll-up but Swann rolls through and gets a jumping clothesline. The champ is in a lot of pain but throws some elbows and spinning strikes. Flashback kick, into the cover for two-and-a-half. Anderson is the first to his feet, hitting a shotgun dropkick. He bangs on the mat, firing himself up, and motions for the Gun Stun. Swann counters with a roll-up and picks up the win.

Winner: Rich Swann

After the Match

Swann stands at the top of the ramp and raises the IMPACT World Championship high. We cut to the back where the Motor City Machine Guns are celebrating. We cut to the tour bus… which is mysteriously empty.


Kenny Omega and Doc Gallows bust into the Machine Guns’ dressing room and beat the absolute hell out of them, throwing them into the walls and all the furniture. Rich Swann runs in to make the save, but Karl Anderson is quick to follow, evening the odds. IMPACT goes off the air with all six guys throwing hands in a very small space.

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