Indie Star Has NXT Offer Pulled By WWE Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

According to Florida sports journalist Jon Alba WWE recently pulled an NXT offer to an indie star after sexual misconduct allegations from the #SpeakingOut movement surfaced against said star. Alba states that the name he was given was off-the record and cannot be shared, but WWE does take the accusations seriously.

He writes, "I’ve heard from multiple sources about #WWE pulling a contract offer from a top young talent involved in the recent string of sexual allegations that have come out about pro wrestlers. Obviously a situation the company (and everyone) has to take very seriously. Since I’m seeing some misunderstanding this: This is NOT someone currently under contract. Someone who was supposed to be signed and brought into NXT.

For transparency sake, I will not share the name because I was told of their name off the record, though the information I tweeted is on the record."

WWE has already released Jack Gallagher, Ligero, and Travis Banks due to the allegations made against them, and are still monitoring many more including former cruiserweight champion Jordan Devlin, andnew WWE call-up Matt Riddle.

We'll keep you updated.