Isaiah Scott Breaks Down Why "Swerve City" Moved To The WWE Network

WWE star Isaiah "Swerve" Scott was a recent guest on the NotSam Wrestling show to explain why his "Swerve City" podcast moved to the WWE Network. The former MLW heavyweight champion also revealed that WWE executives are quite pleased with the content he has been putting out on his show, which is now nine episodes deep since moving to the larger platform. Highlights are below.

How the move to the WWE Network has exceeded expectations:

Once again, I think we exceeded expectations with the WWE Network and the executives up in Connecticut really enjoy what we bring to the table. We’re a nice little corner of the WWE Network that’s starting to get a little bit bigger and we have a little niche that we are still figuring out and we’re gonna grow it. That’s for sure.

Why he decided to move it to the network:

I know for me, I’m not really the most tech savvy person. I try to do it myself. I tried to do it and I wasn’t good at it and the product suffered because of that early on when we were doing just Instagram Live and YouTube. But I was able to reach out to people that knew how to make it happen. So this person branched off to this person that networked to this person, building a team of core people that can make it a well-oiled machine. So even if you’re not invested in the technology or the knowledge of knowing exactly how to make things work or financially, you build a team.”

The full interview with Swerve can be found here. (H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)