Jade Cargill Pitches Major Title For Title Showdown With Thunder Rosa

AEW superstar and current TBS champion Jade Cargill recently spoke with Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Candace Cordella about a number of different topics, including how the Baddies leader wants a title vs. title showdown with the AEW women's champion, Thunder Rosa. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

What she originally wanted to do for her Double or Nothing PPV entrance:

I do [talk to my line sisters about wrestling]. You know what? They support me 120 percent. I love it because, it’s not that many from the D9 that’s in wrestling and so, what I had wanted to do for my entrance this pay-per-view was bring out the D9. However, it didn’t work out that way but I would like to integrate both of ‘em. I wanted to introduce the D9 to wrestling fans. I know they’re not knowledgeable about it. That’s fine, that’s cool but I just wanted to — I wanted to start having the… just the minority to just join into wrestling and make it more global and more popular and more hip again if that makes sense.

Wants a title vs. title showdown with Thunder Rosa:

I think Thunder Rosa’s a hardworking woman. I think she’s a great leader. However, leaders change all the time. I think that we should put both belts on the line. I would love that actually. Being that she’s been doing this for years and this is my first year and I’m only going up, I mean she has something to look forward to. I’m about to whoop that ass. I would love to, I would love that. I think that’ll be a money-making match. Somebody else I wanna face too but, we’ll see when it comes.

(H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)