Jake Roberts Talks Lance Archer Taking On Dustin Rhodes, Says Rhodes Will Be Carried Away

AEW has released a video of wrestling legend Jake "The Snake" Roberts issuing a warning to Dustin Rhodes ahead of The Natural's showdown with Roberts' protege Lance Archer in their TNT championship tournament qualifier. The Hall of Famer explains that Archer is fueled not by fans, but by his own anger, and predicts that Rhodes will be carried away by the bouts conclusion.

Let me think about this Dustin. Last week you were talking about retiring if you couldn't beat Kip Sabian. Christ you squeaked by that. My friend...it's not a good thing. Now you're set to go against Lance Archer. Lance Archer doesn't need the fans. He feeds off his own anger. He wants to hurt somebody and he happens to be a Rhodes...that makes it even better. I'm laying it out there plain and simple...Lance will F you up. It's better to acknowledge the fear and the truth and walk away. If you don't walk away from this...you'll be carried away from this.

Check it out below.