JBL Discusses His Biggest Regret In His WWE Career

WWE Hall of Famer JBL recently spoke to Inside the Ropes about all things pro-wrestling, including how he felt about his run as world champion with WWE. The former APA member details his one regret during his career, which was to have said world title reign sooner before his body gave out on him. Highlights from the interview are below.

Wishes he had gotten a championship run sooner:

Yeah, I wish I’d have got the Championship run younger. You know, I don’t want to cut my APA time off. But, you know, I wasn’t ready when I came into the WWE for a big-time run. I thought I was, but I was overwhelmed by the system and, you know because you’re a champion in different places and you’ve been successful in places you’ve been you think you can go up to the big stage and you’re automatically going to be a champion and be successful.

Says right when he figured things out his body gave out on him:

It doesn’t work that way. You know, it’s still a progression, you know, very rarely do guys who are great college athletes go into the pros and automatically right away become as good as they are comparatively in the pros, as they were in college. And I had that run and right when I kind of figured the business out, my body gave out on me, and that’s the only regret I have.