Jeff Hardy Talks Cameron Grimes Being A Future Main Event Player, Says He's Happy For Women's Tag Wrestling

WWE superstar Jeff Hardy recently spoke to Sports Illustrated where the former world champion talked all things pro-wrestling, including how pumped he was that WWE now has women's tag team titles. Highlights are below.

How he's happy there are now women's tag titles in WWE:

If there are ever human beings on planet Earth that I would ever train in wrestling, it will be my two daughters if they ever show the interest when they’re older. Before the women’s tag-team titles were a thing, I remember thinking, ‘We should have a women’s tag division. The women would kill it if they got that shot.’ The women are incredible, and I’m so happy there are women’s tag-team champions now, too.

Praises the work of Cameron Grimes (real name Trevor Caddell)

Trevor is incredible. He’s just so talented,” Hardy says. “Many, many moons ago, even before I debuted in WWE against Razor Ramon in ’94, I was training in Trevor’s dad’s old yard. That’s where our ring used to be. I can still remember doing shooting stars and landing on my feet, doing reverse-450s and landing on my feet. I remember when Trevor was a little baby, he was in that ring. I’ve seen him grow up, and to see him so big and healthy and athletic, it’s a beautiful thing. His dad passed away at the age of 50, but I’m sure he’s living vicariously through his son. It’s such a cool thing to see another human being come from this little antique town called Cameron, N.C., and be on this main stage. He is such a talented and deserving individual, and I wish him the best of luck.