Jeff Jarrett Opens Up On Wrestling Scott Hall

Jeff Jarrett recently appeared on Pro Wrestling Defined, which can be found on YouTube, where he had nothing but nice things to say about Scott Hall, AKA Razor Ramon.

Jarret and Hall worked together during Jeff’s first WWE run, and wrestled each other at Royal Rumble, as well as Wrestlemania 11.

Double J discussed what he believes is “interesting” about Scott, stating:

"What's really interesting is that if you look at the totality of my career, Scott [Hall] was the one that said, "Yeah let's do this, I want to work with Double J" and he was the guy that came in from the Diamond stuff to Razor Ramon when he transitioned from WCW to WWF and he worked with 'Macho Man' Randy Savage and the Bad Guy persona was just a fantastic extension of who Scott is... So me coming on the scene in late '93 and then '94, he's working against Shawn Michaels and he worked against Kevin Nash and then getting into that scene, our match at Royal Rumble and then at Mania and when I look back on my career at how integral Scott was. Me and Scott met in... I don't know, '88, '89 or '87 when he came to Tennessee and worked in the territory.”

Jarrett followed up on the lengthy comment by taking a more short, sweet, and to the point approach to his thoughts on Hall, and told listeners:

"I'll just say this. Double J and Razor had a lot of great chemistry and a lot of magic. Add Roadie into the mix, it was a really good box office attraction."

(H/T and transcribed by SKWrestling)