Jeff Jarrett Reveals Who He Thinks Are The Top Three Stars In WWE

Who are the top three stars in WWE right now?

Jeff Jarrett gave his own personal response to this question when talking about the top stars in the business on the latest edition of his "My World with Jeff Jarrett" podcast.

Featured below is an excerpt from the episode where the WWE Hall of Fame legend makes a case for Cody Rhodes, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins being the top three stars in the game today.

“The top three stars. You got to put, look at Cody right now, and yes, he’s injured. But I mean, it is such a given, the momentum. I’m not sure that the business has seen somebody with that kind of momentum, because it’s not the Attitude Era, and that’s good and bad for every reason. But Cody jumping back in the manner that he did it, the stage that he did it. He didn’t re-debut at a Survivor Series or Raw, it was the ‘granddaddy of them all’ this year, it was stupendous.

"So Cody has to be one right up there. You know, when you go into… it’s easy for me to think okay, is there a Mexico star that you want to, because I just think the Hispanic audience has untapped potential. So I’m trying to think on that line, but wow so top three stars I gotta go Cody one, it’s hard to argue to not really think through, and go gotta go Roman just, no pun intended or all pun intended, The Bloodline of Roman and I don’t say that from storyline purposes, you just kind of look back over the history of the the business. Roman is up there, so if we’re gonna go three, I’m gonna go Cody as your babyface, Roman as your heel. It’s really hard to and I know that just came off and this is somewhat topical, but Seth Rollins is super versatile."

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