Jerry Jarrett On Advice He Gave Jeff About Vince Russo, WWE HOF & More

Former longtime pro wrestling promoter and father of WWE Hall Of Famer Jeff Jarrett, Jerry Jarrett, recently sat down with the folks from Hannibal TV for an in-depth interview. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On how much input he had on Jeff Jarrett's career decisions: "Here's the way I tried to do with all my children. Because I was raised by just my mother, and my mother's parenting style was, if you ask me for my opinion, I will tell you. But if you don't ask me, I won't volunteer. That's the way I have been with Jeff; with all my children for that matter, whether it is right or wrong. But because that's the way my mother raised me, that's the way I raised my children."

On breaking his rule to tell Jeff about working with Vince Russo: "I broke my own rule. I told him that's a horrible mistake. Russo was a cancer cell. I don't know if he's got a picture of you with a goat or what, but that's a huge mistake."

On whether or not he was surprised to see WWE induct Jeff into their Hall Of Fame: "Yes and no. Brian Armstrong is very close to Jeff and our whole family. Jeff and I, at one point, got Brian an apartment and bought the furniture for him. I'm saying that only to say that's how close we were. And then as you know, when Jeff had his run, Brian was Road Dogg. So again, this bond; so Brian went through rehab and recovery, got his life back together and Jeff had to go through rehab and recovery. Brian was responsible for getting Jeff into the rehab.

"So I just felt like when I heard that Brian was really in with Vince and Hunter and Stephanie, I thought, 'Well, there's a chance they could bridge that'. And what I think happened is, I think Triple H says, 'We are a global company, Vince. We don't have time for jealousies and anger and past grudges. Let's put it all behind us'. And I think Vince really likes and respects Triple H."

Check out more from the Jerry Jarrett interview below.