Jey Uso Says He Wouldn't Be Surprised To See Naomi Join The Bloodline

The Usos and Roman Reigns may soon see the addition of a new member to The Bloodline.

That is, if you ask Jey Uso.

The tag-team Superstar from WWE recently appeared as a guest on WWE After The Bell with Corey Graves and spoke about how he wouldn't be surprised to see Naomi join The Bloodline.

Featured below is an excerpt from the interview where he touches on this topic with his thoughts.

“It’s very, very likely man. She talks about it a lot. She says she can jump and glow. She’s ready to just snap, like she could snap man. She snapped on my ass plenty of times. She’s so ready to try something new. She’s always been adaptive and she gets it. That’s why she’s been around. Sometimes I forget she’s been here for 10 years too.”

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