Jim Cornette Talks About Vince McMahon, Ryback on EC3, Tom Prichard on Paul Heyman

Recap by: Chris Siggia, rajah.com
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Prichard talking about Paul Heyman's booking style: "He was a motivator. He was a booker. He was a coach. He knew what nerve to touch and sometimes he would misjudge. But, more times than not, Paul knew how to talk to his troops and knew how to get them to know themselves, to inspire, empower, drive home, whatever you want to call it. He knew how to do it then and I believe he knows how to do it now. He's just under a different constraint now then he was back then. He'll go as far as he can these days, I have no doubt. I haven't witnessed it, I can't say for sure, but I really have no doubt that he still has the same approach. I believe you really need that with the roster he has now, and certainly with the roster he had then, because he knew, and this is my speculation, he knew what he had on his hands."


Ryback talking about EC3 and the story according to John Moxley that his match with EC3 was supposed to be the match where EC3 was going to get over and the crowd was supposed to turn on Moxley but they didn't and he got buried after that. Ryback said " I think the more realistic situation was he tried to file for some trademarks that WWE didn't like and that played a bigger role with him and why he was demoted. I feel bad because this was a guy that left and got over, which is not easy to do, and changed everything up and came up with the EC3 character and was very entertaining on the mic. This is to me why, this is where I went the route I went to, and with the injuries. When you put your eggs in that basket and you are reliant on someone else to book you in that pro wrestling environment, that is the worst thing that can happen. He's lived it and I feel horribly bad for him. Because mentally, you leave, you go get yourself over, and then you go back into that environment again that already kind of f'd you, and then they f you even bigger the second time."


Cornette answering the question if Vince McMahon is cool: "Vince can be fun and entertaining when you are with him on a personal basis, yes...Vince is not anybody that just shoots the shit. There has to be a reason for the conversation. He is always working. He doesn't shoot shit. He talks about work and then does work. Obviously, when you are having conversation when things come up when you are riding in the car for three hours, he can be entertaining in that respect, but it's not like he is just somebody that hangs out with people. Some of him is (cool) and some of him is crazy and some of him is an evil asshole. There's no way to really describe it except to him, the whole business is business. He will just say ok, fine, cut him pal, we need to please the stockholders and make the stock look good so fire these guys. Then, he does good things for people. Every once in a while you hear of somebody who needs something and he would send them money or he would help them out. He's kept a lot of guys that were loyal to his dad. He's taking care of the guys who were loyal to his dad better than most of the people who have been loyal to him."