Jim Ross Talks About AEW Expanding PPV Model, Why He Prefers Quarterly PPVs

It looks like All Elite Wrestling is expanding their pay-per-view schedule.

What does Jim Ross think of the monthly pay-per-view format versus the quarterly model?

On the latest installment of his "Grilling J.R." podcast, the WWE Hall of Fame legend and AEW commentator explained to co-host Conrad Thompson why he feels the quarterly pay-per-view model is the way to go.

"I liked the old format because it gave companies, whoever they were, opportunities to build and to build the anticipation for that pay-per-view and that investment that the fans need to make to enjoy it, you gotta buy it," he said. "I think the economy dictates a lot of that. You got to have a great attraction. Attractions sell pay-per-views, Conrad. It’s that simple. It’s not the second match on the card, third match, it’s what’s on the poster so to speak. I like the fact that at one time, we were able to build stories and strengthen them so that there is more of a desire to buy and to watch."

Ross continued, "You got to change with the times, I get that, and I have no problem with that either. I just think the storytelling realm of pro wrestling, we’re better off with the opportunity to build. It looks like you’re right, the trend is going to be that of monthlies. If you’re creative enough to build a good story for monthlies, more power to you because it creates more paydays. I’m a big fan of building the story, or building the anticipation for the story type situation."

Check out the complete episode of the show at Spotify.com. H/T to Fightful.com for transcribing the above quotes.