Jimmy Korderas Says Orange Cassidy is "The Epitome Of Sports Entertainment"

In the latest edition of his Reffin’ Rant video series, former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas shared his thoughts on an All Elite Wrestling star.

While discussing the difference between Sports Entertainment and Pro Wrestling, Korderas mentioned “The King of Sloth Style”, who he believes defines Sports Entertainment. Korderas explained:

"There’s an audience out there who’s claiming, 'We’re tired of Sports Entertainment. We want Pro Wrestling, kind of like what AEW gives us on Wednesday nights!' And yes, I agree, their program is entertaining... But at the same time, you get a guy like Orange Cassidy. Orange Cassidy is the epitome of Sports Entertainment! You guys act like this guy is the greatest pro wrestler in the world. Same thing with a lot of their characters... Yes, they’ve got some hardcore guys, but at the same time, they’ve got tons of Sports Entertainment. Now, you can make the argument, 'Hey, I like their brand of Sports Entertainment better than the other Sports Entertainment brand.' That’s your preference. That’s fine. But don’t say 'They don’t do Sports Entertainment' because, guess what? Yes, they do!”

Which category do you believe Orange Cassidy fits in to? Sound off in the comments section!

(H/T and transcribed by SKWrestling)